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01 September 2009


Di Overton

What an awful World this is. I watched a programme on BBC2 last night about Romanian Gypsy Children in Europe - heartbreaking stuff.

Gillian daSilva

OH Tara, you must lie awake and wonder sometimes, all these loving souls who've crossed your path, befriended you, loved you are now missing or dead. My heart breaks for you, for them.

As I blog about the trivial, the tomatoes...the world turns around me at such a furious and frightening pace...I have so much trouble keeping up with it all.

Qaddafi was a name plucked from the newsheadlines at the supper still echoes in my mind along with other phrases such as 'cold war' and 'Gaza strip', the 'PLO' and more...all of these to me were fear inducing. I understood none of it but the fleeting images on our television were very scary. I was reminded of Qaddafi when I worked ten years ago for a woman whose family had fleed Libya, she impressed me with her strength and sense of calm and could speak fluent Swahili. In my adult life that was the first real information I'd had brought to my attention about it...!

It seems that everytime I visit here you give me an education. Your links send me off on a tangent of information gathering. Thanks for that. And accept my heartfelt condolences for the ones you've lost.



We need to be aware of and to remember these things, so that we don't become too complacent and uncaring - too self-centred. Unfortunately a motif of sadness and injustice runs through our world.


My heart is sad for these lost stars that cared. Your words were very touching. I also wonder "what can we do". You help us to be aware. Thanks so much.


All I can do is cry.


there was a retrospective article on him today in our daily newspaper, which explored how he became "clean enough for the living room" (stueren in danish) due to oil in libya. the world is a cynical place...and people like jaballa the forgotten victims.


Wasn't John McCain just in Libya meeting with Qaddafi a few weeks ago?
I recall he Twittered about meeting with Qaddafi and tweeted that he was intense and engaging.

I thought it odd that McCain would be visiting but I guess no odder than the whole Lockerbie release for oil farce.
I guess even odder still is the timing of it all.

Best to you,


Oh, Tara, this is such a hearbreaking story. I cannot imagine the fear, the pain. The post is a tribute and a beautiful one to a man who sounds very special and certainly one who made a significant impact. It puts so much of what we do each day into perspective, doesn't it?


Such painful, loving and moving memories. You have reminded me, that there is a certain respect and love that we must carry in our hearts forever, and know it's okay to do so. We must carry these beautiful feelings, along side of compassion for the people that are woven in and out, of our life.

I love you.


Tara, I am so moved. We refer to traffic as chaotic. We have the audacity to be frustrated by the smallest inconveniences. We are - I am - an American largely untouched by horror, unless I choose to look. And day to day, I forget to look or think. I just swish through life without awareness of the tentative edge so many people live on. This piece you have written, the words of perpetually grieving children, the echoing poem - this has cut my conscience. I'm left with the question, "What can I do?" I don't know the answer, but remaining isolationist does not seem like an option.

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