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28 October 2009


Green cars

The red leaf-covered building is fantastic!!!The red colored trees are mind blowing!!!Awesome shots!


Saw these earlier this week and meant to come back and linger. Now I can. These are....
well. you know.


Sounds, and LOOKS just beautiful. I love love love that ivy on the house. We want to plant some to grow on our house! I wish it would look like that.



These photos are excellent. You have a very engaging and outstanding blog here.


Those fall colours are stunning! Wow!


Spectacular photos! I like your watermarks; they give it both a personal and professional touch.

Fifi Flores

Absolutely GORGEOUS photos!!! LOVE all the colours!!!


Spectacular fall foliage!
So good to hear that you and your husband enjoyed a relaxing holiday, far from the maddening crowds.


Oh, Tara -- how utterly spectacular. The color is four-star, the buildings so charming I almost can't bear it and that castle is glorious. I'm glad you had time to relax and recharge. It sounds like a lovely holiday. Hope the computer issues and family ones too resolve quickly. Warm hugs!

Account Deleted

beautiful photos as always, Tara! it is bursting in hue :)

and merci beaucoup ! for the spooky greeting card :) i enjoyed it.
have a fun halloween! :)


beautiful photos as always, Tara! :)

and merci beaucoup ! for the spooky greeting card :) i enjoyed it.
have a fun halloween! :)


Welcome home...fall at a castle, what could be better! Thank you for my Halloween greeting!

Happy one to you!!



You were in Guildford?! So close to me!! I live in Farnham.

Beautiful photos.


Tara your photography stunning as ever!Oh my that first is so worthy of a frame! Good to hear that you and David did take time out to walk with Autumn
and just enjoy the moment. Forgive me for not visiting as often but when my healing journey ends I will have restored energy For now I limit my time at
the PC. blessings to you xo


The ivy covered building is just awesome.

So lovely that you got a pleasant surprise while on holiday.

One Love.

p.s. catching up on blogging. so glad I stopped by.

JanePoet ~ JP/deb

Sounds like a very nice getaway for the two of you! Love the photos, as ever. Hope the drama stateside settles down.

sending love,


Wow! Great color and amazing architecture... Oh, Europe!


i actually let out a little gasp - wonderful images, so worth the wait!


Sounds like you had a lovely time and I hope things calm down for you soon. Lovely images xx


What a beautiful, peaceful vacation. Jim would have loved the bird watching and I would have loved sheep and books. I hope you can recover the peaceful moments in your heart soon.


these are just incredible photos! wow!

Tara Bradford

Thank you Helen. Not sure about the watermarks; for the time being, have reduced the resolution of the photos, so they won't look good if someone tries to reproduce them without permission.


Fabulous photos, as usual, and sounds like a wonderful trip. Hope all your stress issues resolve to your satisfaction. Hang in there!


Gorgeous photography.

You might want to rethink watermarks--for your blog only--if it discourages theft.

Glad to see you back and posting!

Gillian daSilva

Your shots are great!
No more watermarks? Why?
I'll go find the article...

Nice to run into a friend while on holidays! How cool!
Shopping is always fun too. Good for you guys.

Under the weather today, heading home early.
Will ttys xoxo


WOW! The color! Absolutely gorgeous images!

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