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01 February 2010


Maria Varela

does the wool come from local sheep?


These rugs remind me of the rugs in Mexico! Such an amazing artwork! Thanks!


What a treasure of color and texture. I simply can't imagine what it does to the senses to see that all in one place! Beautifully captured!


Beautiful! How wonderful that this organization was formed for the women to develop an income. I love yarns and woven pieces and these are really special.


oh my goodness. eye candy for me, who should have been at my 3rd weaving lesson this evening (it was canceled because of the snow storm). so much gorgeousness! i'd love to visit that place!


It's wonderful that you and Jordana were invited to witness this beautiful ancient craft and to see it passed down. Rugs from this part of the world are the gold standard for ALL rugs. A REAL rug made by hand is an art form, art for the floor.
The dolls at the market are charming. Very inspiring too! Thanks for taking me along Tara.
Hugs to you


All the color and texture of these rugs just make me sing! I LOVE seeing glimpses of these projects that are empowering women to continue the traditions and make a living at the same time.



Thank you for being a champion of the creativity of women. You have a wonderful aesthetic eye and invariably you focus on the beauty of the hand made world. Thank you for this beautiful post!

Theresa Cheek

Fabulous, fabulous designs....I would be a kid in a candy factory sorting through all those stacks of textiles!!!!


"A thing of beauty is a joy forever" ... The colors, the skills, the initiative itself - all gorgeous. Thank you for sharing these photos.


W.O.W. !!!

I enjoy the work of bona fide artisans. These are gorgeous! Thanks for always sharing such lovely photos of other cultures.

hope you are doing well.


how difficult
it would be for me to select only one or even two.

this is what interests me:
--->older women teaching rug-weaving techniques
to younger generations.

as a child i sat at my grandmother's knee
and helped her as she made braided and crocheted rugs.
who does that now?


Tara they are breath taking.


Very skilled, aren't they?
These are works of art! I was thinking before I read that they create wall hangings, that I would love to hang a rug from the wall...they are that pretty.

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