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15 March 2010



PS love the shots of men in Western attire from the neck down and Arabic headdress.


Love the Chorus-Line style mannequins, especially the blue lineup. Yes looks like Eucalyptus. Many in California are being uprooted because they are destroying the native flora with the oils they exude in their perimeter. Yes, we had too many, but I do hope they leave some of each variety.


Hooray! New photos! And glorious -- I feel as though I'm traveling when I follow you! Those teal dresses. I'd love every one. They'd look ghastly on me, but oh, just hanging on the closet door they'd be a treat!

Tara Bradford

Gill, everytime I go there, I'm planning my next trip. Something about the country has always felt like home to me. So glad you love it too!


Beautiful photos and a great trip.

Gillian, wow, I went to Petra!!!

Oh to be there again. I don't know if this is how you felt about Amman when you went there for the first time...but I just loved it there. William!!! A gem!!! Love that man!!!
And the shopping, food & good company. We must do this trip yearly. (I know you have another one coming up, I can't afford you! lol)
Great shots of the dresses, I still wish we'd had more time to buy dresses!!! I shall wire you some $$$ for the next time you go :)


What an amazing experience this must have been for all of you! I hope to join you one day!


I love that there are a million pictures of the same streets.

Elizabeth Rhiannon

Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures in an area of the world my husband and I find fascinating and can't wait to visit.


Fabulous, Tara!

I make Arabic coffee (only we call it Moorish coffee) so when you're visiting.......

The tree looks like a eucalyptus tree. Makes me nostalgic for both that part of the world and California!



the Mosque is just gorgeous. and to run my hand, over one of those gorgeous scarves... sigh.
waving to gillian*


Could it be ... that tree looks very much like an Australian eucalypt? I'd imagine the climate would be perfect. Thank you for your always gorgeous shots.

leonie wise

gorgeous photos, all of them. so pleased the trip was a huge success for you


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