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12 March 2010


a fanciful twist

OH YAY!!!! You deserve to be gracing every magazine on the planet. Your images are beyond words... you capture essence and feel and light and warmth and meaning and spirit and tone and contrast and dimension and power.......


My gosh! Do you ever stop?! Company and jet lag... yikes!

Love those smiles. Is Romantic Homes an American pub? I'll look for it!


Look at these beautiful faces! omgoodness!
Congratulations on your work, being in these publications. Bravo, my friend.
I send you a big hug!


Welcome home Tara, congratulations on your publications!
Anxious to see photos of your trip!


Welcome back, and congratulations!
Sweet boys -- love the photo.

C. xoxo


Welcome back, Tara! Congratulations on the photo publications too! Can't wait to see more of your photos~xox


Welcome back! Those boys are darling, great expressions. Looking forward to seeing more images from your trip.

JanePoet ~ JP/deb

What a beautiful photo of these boys!! I am ever impressed by your amazing eye and photographic images!

See you soon my friend :)


p.s. in Berlin right now and it is SO interesting. Can't wait for you to meet Alaina. Bisous!


i loved it


Welcome home and congrats to the Princess!
Congratulations on being featured in Frame!!
Have fun with your guest, sending laughter.



Welcome back! I really am looking forward to hearing all about the trip to Jordan. Congratulations of the photos in Frame and Romantic Homes.

Princess Haiku

How wonderful to win a little prize! The stars must be in my favor today and now it's off to the market, where I hope to find a yellow delicious apple to go with the sunshine.

Princess Haiku

This is a heartwarming photo and on a sunny morning too. "Today has possibilities" as my friend Sara Hummingbird use to say.


That's great news about the magazines! Three at the same time!!! So exciting!

karen cole

Can't wait to see more of this trip. It sounds and looks like it was the trip of a lifetime.

BIG congrats on your articles, Tara!!

martha ann

hey terri..... enjoy your guests... we arrive in Paris April 1 for three months.. when are you in Santa Fe in April? martha ann


Happy weekend to you, too!

Look forward to future post with photos!

Di Overton

Welcome back Tara. Hope everything was just as you wanted it to be. Dying to catch up but in the meantime enjoy your hostess duties.

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