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13 May 2010



I wonder if you and spf are going to be able to connect...


Your lucky, lucky guests! You are a grand hostess with butterfly wings. I can't wait to see where you land in A'dam.


I am so glad you have been, enjoying yourself. i love it! your book of prayers, sounds amazing.
do you know, i have the french prayer book you gave me, on my night stand? always.


It's wonderful that the medium of blogging has brought all you wonderful women together! Glad you could be together AND share here!


Oh, Tara -- it's nearly a year since I was the guest at the apartment of a "well known Parisian blogger!" And I know your guests had a marvelous time because you two are the best hosts! Oh, the memories it brings me.

The brocante sounds like it could have been wonderful sans rain! But that you are having a lovely time! I'll check back as I always do -- just in case you're posting from the road!

the paris apartment

Hi Tara, it was a ball meeting you and Di and I'm so happy we finally connected! I don't know how I'll ever dig into your blog and site fully. Just skimming the surface has me totally intrigued and I'm saving up to go on your trip to Jordan this fall. Hope you get a little down time over the weekend. See you soon! xoc

martha ann

hey there.... still have not been to merci but its on my list and after seeing all you write about it and the pics.. I ahve to get thtere...... weve been busy too but sure hope we can get together soon....MA

Shane Pollard

Oh! I want to be in Paris again too, you've made it all come alive for me.

As our daughter lives in France, (we are in New Zealand 12,000 miles away) we make the long trip as often as funds allow, to see her and our two darling wee granddaughters!

The UK election has been v interesting - see how things pan out.

Isn't Claudia wonderful, I'm new to blogland but I've been following her blog for a few weeks and just love it - she sounds such a sweetie. We emailed back and forth last week as I told her not to miss Musee Carnavalet (thinking I was recommending a gem she wouldn't be aware of) and of course she emailed me and said it was one of her fave places to visit. Now we feel we were mme sevigne and mme carnavalet in a previous life!!

Promise you won't stop posting if you move to Amsterdam!

LOVE your blog.


Hi you butterfly! David and I will be in Paris for just a couple of days May 31-June 3. Actually, leaving June 3. Any chance you could meet for a drink??
Would LOVE to see you---it's been way too long!


Yes, you have been a social butterfly; but it all sounds like so much fun. Good luck with your search in Amsterdam. I had fun following all your links today and checking out all the friends you have been enjoying. Now I will have to check out the movie too.


What a great distraction from projects though! Will check out Claudia's blog. (What a happy occurence, from picking up her book to you actually living in Paris and meeting her! Such a great story.) Hope you pace yourself well and finish all your stuff. :)

Wish I were in Paris for that brocante!

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