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21 May 2010


Joan O'Connor

Tara, Love your post! First, the pix of Amsterdam make me want to visit more than I can say. And Pia's new book will no doubt be a great guide, as is her Paris book. But your hostess nightmare list made me think of how frustrating and disappointing guests can be, simply by being boorish. In contrast, imagine the guests who arrive with simply lovely flowers, a new blank journal, some luscious food treat and/or something pretty (and consumable) for your enjoyment after they've gone. You and David are indeed so generous and welcoming, and I would hope that only the same would come your way.
Hope you'll be coming to San Francisco again very soon. You are overdue for a visit! ox, Joan

Tara Bradford

Jeanie, it's not my new view, alas - just the view from the hotel.


That's a great list! And the photos of your new view -- WOW!

Elizabeth Rhiannon

Oh Tara, you've just described someone I know, that I rarely have contact with anymore haha! Is it any wonder? She drives me crazy. On a positive note, what beautiful views...must have been hard to leave. Well, to go back to Paris? Maybe it wasn't too hard to leave :)
Stay well and loved this post!

Tara Bradford

Anne, I have known Di for three years now and we've gotten together many times in Paris and once in England. It's always a treat to see her. And it is such fun spending time with the Claudias! We all love to trawl the brocantes (and shall be doing more of that this week!)


Hi Tara I have been here before but not for a long time, saw that you met Di, Claudia 1 and 2 how much fun that must of been.

I have another blogger friend who lives in Paris, Bonjour Romance is her blog, she met Claudia 1 and 2 last week too..

I cannot believe how these people have behaved , absolutely shocked... very thoughtless and not good behaviour at all!

Tara Bradford

Di, you are one of my favourite guests! The guests I've referred to in this piece aren't regular readers of my blog. :)

Di Overton

Can't recognise myself in any of those - HOPEFULLY :)


Good heavens. I've never had guests like that. I must be very lucky.

The Equestrian Vagabond

eeeeeek! high maintenance visitors! lock your doors!


Hopeless, helpless and hapless.
What pathetic guests. "Guests" is too generous a word for them.
Oh Tara, I am sorry you were subjected to such classless behaviour.

I admire you outing them like this! Even if you mentioned no names, they will certainly read this and hopefully learn from this post. One can hope at least....! Perhaps you've spared them future embarassments.

I love the window view; Amsterdam looks incredible. You shot that evening light so well. xoxo


Jeez, hon, what sort of people do you know?? That list is horrifying.

Tara Bradford

Mary - and Yoli - thank you! You're both welcome anytime (and you don't have to do dishes). :) Mary, I appreciate the kind words about my photos.

Mary H.

The photos, as per usual, are delicious, Tara! There are no words for such rude behavior as exhibited by your guests. Please know I agree with Yoli's post, following a hug I will do the dishes!


Tara, that first shot of the "Amsterdamse gracht" is a dream! I loved reading your gripe list - I bet it was cathartic to write it. Was this all one person committing these offenses? What a nightmare.


Beautiful photos!
I would hope not to do any of those on your list to anyone. I am always so grateful when someone would want to host us. I so enjoyed our time together last fall, it was a highlight of our travels.

Tara Bradford

Theresa, you're right - American and Australian. :) Thanks for the lovely compliment about my photos!

Theresa Cheek

First of all....those photos are mini paintings! Incredible....unfortunately ,those "guests" sound American to me...sigh....I can say that since I live in the US. Hopefully, we will all be a little more sensitive to our hosts when traveling. Thanks for giving me a chuckle !

Tara Bradford

Leonie, you and Nic were model guests! :) And you are welcome anytime, wherever we are.

leonie wise

crikey! i was dreading reading the list wondering how many faux pas we had committed whilst visiting!!

i for one have always been extremely grateful and amazed by your beautiful hospitality. and your husband's delicious meals


martha ann

oh my goodness... I sure hope my next guest do not do any...much less all of these dos and donts!!!!! ugh...
our last guest was a pleasure..... your best bet is to reccommend the nearest Hotel or just say... that paris has tons of hotels!!!!!! thats what we do in Santa fe!!!!!!
your view from window last weekend looked like Fall leaves.....
hope to see you on the Ave. des champs elysees this weekend!!!!!!ma


Oh I have one!

Show up home, throw bags down and the proceed to make calls and organise your schedule, ignoring plans and time your hostess has made to catch-up/see you. Rather act very put out by any such ideas and instead demand you drop other plans you have made to fit in with their schedule.

Amazingly I had that guest two times (and you know her) who is exceptoinally well-travelled. The first tiime I was shocked, but put it doewn to work stress. The second time my home could not have been more of a B&B if I had charged. Its was charming and has made me much more gun shy about meeting 'friends' from the internet. Thinking about it ... I haven't since.

Cough .... sorry about the slight rant.


I am absolutely stunned that someone could have done such a thing. That has got to be the height of disrespect and inconsideration. I am so deeply sorry, I personally feel like giving you hug, right after doing your dishes.


I wouldn't expect to behave like that in a paid B&B, let alone an unpaid one!


While it is stunningly astonishing the depths of boorishness to which some people can sink, you do have some RICH material for characters for a novel! The photos above from the window give me wanderlust ... lucky you!

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