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05 June 2010


Nick Bamigboye

You may be interested in the new film posted today on Spine TV about the Democracy Village:


This is fabulous. The same thing done during the thugs' free lunches at the resorts, with lots of hollering, would be even better.

The Equestrian Vagabond

Do you ever wonder what the world would be like if women ran it? maybe it wouldn't be ideal, but... does make you wonder, doesn't it.


your last photo says it all:

Democracy Village,
a red double~decker
zooming pass...

i was recently given this statistic
from our Governor's Office:
when it comes to community intervention
into political activities:

33% of the population
Do Not Care one way
or the other about most issues;

60% of the population
Care but will Not Stand Up
and voice an opinion;

only 7% of the people
will Actively get involved.

good grief!

if this statistic is correct world~wide,
i find it to be appalling AND frightening.

good grief, yet again!

one can only hope the 7% are tenacious
in this situation.


thanks for the wonderful photos which really give me a feel for this demo. Boris should really do something else with his time. On the radio, Vanessa Feltz's talk show, she tripped up a Westminster Counciller who kept banging on about "this world heritage site being spoiled". BBC London checked it out while he was on the radio and Vanessa was able to point out that he was stretching the truth. The Democracy village borders on the World Heritage Site, it is not actually in it! Good girl Vanessa!!


Great photos - as always! Happy travels ... :)


Lovely to see this kind of thing is happening over there. I am struggling to find my creative feet in these days of insanity. And then next weekend Belgium goes back to the polls to replace its fallen govt ... looks like the Flemish Nationalists might get 25%, and although they're not the extreme right, who knows how a workable government will form between Flanders and Wallonia.

Madness and mayhem. So next week, I need to work in a bubble and get the trips and my advertising written but oh, these are days of distractions. I hope you're doing better than me.


I remember driving by this sight on a tour bus a few years ago. At least it looks like the same place. Good for these people for speaking out, more of us should use our voices. This is including me.

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