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17 June 2010



I love yours thoughts Tara. Your reminder of the use of all the senses is very poignant. As an artist I am doing this more and more.

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Art by Karena


This is a splendid and timely post, Tara. I'm often teased as only seeing the world through the lens of the camera and missing everything else. That's not true! I see it FIRST through my own eyes, then through the lens. And I'm so grateful I have such wonderful images (well, some wonderful, some not-so, but even those have their purpose.) They warm my heart.


this is so very true. i love the reminder.


Thank you for these words of wisdom, my friend. I shall try to carry them with me while I fashion a newer life.


Lot's to think about here and interesting reading about the camera documentary. I do snap lots of pics but I always try to be in the moment, experiencing it. I love coming back from a trip with a record, an artistic expression and feel for the place similar to sketching.


Megan Butel

One of my favourite quotes is 'The real purpose of Art is learning to see' - so true and takes the pressure of the creative process!

Mary H.

A wise mentor once told me the little things really do make a difference. I believe this to be true in all we see and all we interact with. Inspiring post, per usual, Tara. May I print a copy and put in my "notes to self" book? It is a one off, just for me.


My heavens, Tara, I was thinking these things and asking myself these questions just this morning. It's amazing how doing something because it's the right thing to do most often takes a back seat to self-protection and comfort.


Oops! World (not work)!!
The perils of typing on a tiny phone :)


Yes. To be inquisitive. To look at the work with the eyes of a child: wonder and delight are everywhere and in everything


I try...but when life speeds up, the moment tends to be overlooked. Lovely post, as always!


Thanks Tara!
A friend of mine often says "notice what you notice". Each person noticing and really looking still seems to see things differently through their own eyes. But having the opportunity to share verbally and through pictures helps to open others to see through another's eyes. That is one thing I do enjoy about blogging, seeing through other eye's.


This is quite provocative. I've noticed a theme of 'eyes' threading through my contemplation of late and this seems to take it to a new dimension. Thanks! Cool airplane photo, too.


Love the airplane. I am one who notices everything everywhere. My husband and I both have always taken the road less traveled.

As for Proust, I collect books about Proust and have read Remembrance of Things Past several times and own my own copies. However, seeing everything leads to feeling so much that is not always an asset...though it certainly is interesting.

Right now, everywhere we go, people young and old are using their digital devices whether it is at a soccer game or walking down the street. We are sick of people talking on the phone in the car and not paying attention to traffic. Texting while driving is the norm here. There has to be real disengagement in all of this.

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