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19 July 2010



Congrats, fellow Bradley Count Gal! My dream destination would be Italy. I have wanted to travel there since I was only 10 or 11 years old. One day.....

Tom Kos

Congratulations!! Always delight in your photographs and comments!! There is no place finer place to stay and to have dinner and a drink with your loved one than the terrace of the Chateau de la Chevre d'or in Eze Village!!!!


congratulations Tara.
big *hugs* all the way from India :)
my dream travel moment would be, siting beside a lake in Laddakh with my beloved.



Congratulations on the milestone!

xxoo Colette



What can I say besides...congratulations!!!

There is so much to say, so much we have said, many laughs shared in person and online. I'm so thankful you decided to publish this brilliant, beautiful blog that enabled us to meet and become real friends.

Well since we've already travelled to New York City and to Jordan together, perhaps we should raise the stakes and bet on a trip to Southeast Asia, and India. A four weeker extravaganza! I would love to see Angkor Wat in Cambodia. So bad.


Here is to 2000 more posts, tink! Your health, tink! And to US! TINKITY TINK TINK!!!!!

Diana Strinati Baur

due mille posti! Mamma mia. Complimenti e agurissimi! è un piacere conoscerti! You are posting from one of my favorite destinations, where European classicism entangles a web of beauty with Moorish mysticism... but a place I have never been that I have wanted to go to since childhood would be Moscow.


Hi Tara,
Big success and Congratulations to you:) I find very interesting to read your notes, memories and critics thru articles, please continue to shine on.
My dream destination is HONG KONG.

a fanciful twist

2,000 POSTS!!! I am in awe. That is incredible beautiful friend. Congrats over the moon, many many times.

My dream travel destination. A tiny village with a forest surrounding it. A village with cobblestone streets... and paths into the forest. Simple old time place... Maybe in Switzerland? Austria... not sure? But I can see it in my mind's eye....

Oh oh, and while at the tiny village bakery, I would meet up with you. Of course ;)

Much LOVE! xoxox

Tracey Broome

Dream travel? I am a potter and would love to visit potters in Africa, Japan and then travel to Nepal with my daughter who wants to visit there so badly.


2,000 posts.. I am in awe Tara.. congratulations and long may you continue.

the first thought I had when I read dream travel destination, is not some far away place, more a little nearer home. It would be to travel home to Ireland and see the Burren and the Aran Islands, and most of all a spot up in the Cooley Mountains (near Dundalk) where you can see the entire spread of Dundalk Bay and the village I grew up in, and where standing looking down on this scene, my Dad once tried to explain to about the curvature of the earth and demonstrate that the Earth is round. Good memories.


Felicitations on 2000 posts! You are a very gifted writer and photographer. I look forward to thousands more posts. My dream destination? In a heartbeat I would love to go back to Paris. I didn't get to spend nearly enough time there last year. It's so hard to pick just one destination. My dream since I was a child was to travel to France, Italy, Germany and Spain. Someday, hopefully. Until then I will continue to devour your posts and travel vicariously through you.


Congratulations on 2000 posts! That's amazing! As for dream travel destinations do I really have to pick just one. I'd to be able to do some world traveling and see Ireland, France, Italy, India, Swiss Alps, Brazil, New Zealand, Australia. I just want to see the world!


Congratulations! That is quite an accomplishment!

Account Deleted

Dear Tara, Congratulations for your 2,000th post. I have only recently started following your blog. Looking forward to reading the next 2,000.

My favourite dream destination would be Iceland. It has been one country I was obsessed with for years and the literature and folklore compels me to keep that destination right non top of places I want to visit before I die.

leonie wise

wow - that's totally awesome!

so happy to have met you here, and also in real life.
you are a treasure.

one of my many dream destinations: a camel safari in the australian outback. one day.....


What a wonderful accompishment...2000 posts. Congrats!! I love your work. You inspire me to travel more. Thank you.

Joan O'Connor

2,000? Oh so many delicious visual treats! Merci indeed! And to have met you here and then in San Francisco and again in Paris. Imagine!
A dream destination? Hmm... well, my friend, I might say to Antarctica. Oh my. Dreaming is good! ox, Joan


First, Tara, that photo is wonderful. I love it! My dream vacation tonight would either be to Morocco as I fell in love with Tahir Shah's books, or Bulgaria to see my host family again from when I was in Peace Corps more than a decade ago now.
Sending huge hugs your way-


Congrats as well on your 2000th post. My dream is New Zealand - and a few other pacific islands added into the mix and I could then die quite happily.


Congratulations! 2000 posts is quite an accomplishment.

My dream vacation would be on an island where warm breezes blow, beautiful surroundings, and water as blue as the sky. Someone to feed me and take care of me for a few weeks. What a delight that would be.

Enzie Shahmiri

I can't believe you have written this many posts! Well thank you for keeping us all well informed :)


you should write a book now, i would be most interested in reading it.

my dream travel destinaiton is... belize. i am going next year with 3 of my friends to celebrate 196 years of widom between us.a time to relax and see some of the mayan ruins of course.


I haven't travelled much, but would love to get back to the UK, especially the Orkneys and Shetlands, and most of all I want to visit Peru - not just Macchu Picchu, which I first heard about as a young teenager many years ago, but also the second largest city of Arequipa which is apparently a beautiful colonial city, and the place my grreatgrandmother's brother settled in more than a century ago. (I have no idea whether I still have relatives there or not).
I find that my researches in family history are a wonderful focus, helping me to pick out places to visit from all the wonderful destinations the world has to offer.


It is ALWAYS a pleasure to read your blog! And 2,000 posts is pretty amazing. Congratulations to you, my friend. I'm lucky to have 'met' you.

Allegra Smith

I forgot to tell you that given the chance I would go back to Tangier...but in the sixties...sigh.

Allegra Smith

Ay Tara! que sufrimiento ver estas fotografias de mi adorada Sevilla! Truly, honestly it hurts but it is a good hurt to see these wonderful photos of my beloved Sevilla. If you have the inclination please post some of the caves of Sacromonte where I learned as a young University student to love and dance flamenco.
I know you are having the time of your life there and I want to say congratulations: 2000 posts! my darling friend, you are as prolific as you are talented. Bon chance with all the projects ahead and be well. Hugs from here.


and each and every post has given us an eye open onto the world!

congrats wonderful that so many good things have come your way via Paris Parfait!




My dream destination would be to visit the locations that Colette and Proust wrote visit the gardens at Giverny that Monet painted...and spend a few days in Arles and gaze where Van Gogh gazed. These places live in my mind but I would love to just see them in person and feel their atmosphere.


Congratulations, my friend. And oh, what wonderful places you have taken us and experiences you have shared in those two thousand posts. Really? Two thousand? You astound me!

Dream destination -- All the places I haven't gone call me. But somehow, I'm not sure I'll be satisfied until I return to Paris, for I've barely scratched the surface (and as long as we're dreaming, Paris with some lengthy trips to Provence, back to Normandy, Burgundy. Maybe just all over France!)

Hugs and congratulations!

Mary H.

Congratulations, Tara! You know you have influenced me with your writing so I won't keep gushing on about it. Can't wait to read the next 2,000 posts...oh, my dream destination? Too hard to choose, perhaps England, or Europe, or to paraphrase Eddie Izzard, "you know, the place where history comes from." He may have been referring to England, but I think anywhere "history comes from" would be grand to visit. Wishing you continued safe journeys...


Congrats on your 2000 posts Tara!

It's been a pleasure reading you over the years.

Somehow you managed to open intriguing and often fascinating windows,
showing vistas that allowed for some much needed sunshine to brighten up this rainy kingdom by the sea.

Peter in Belgium

marilee pittman

Congratulations Tara; I have enjoyed your musings. Intelligent, savvy and fun. My dream destination would be my ancestral home of Bellerup Denmark. My great grandparents emigrated from there the day after they were married in 1872. The first time I used a computer I found their names on an emigrant ship's registry.Their names were Ferdinand and Johanna (Christensen) Nielsen.
all the best


WOW Tara! Congratulations and good luck with 2000 more.
I am so much looking forward to coming to Paris in October :-)


Dear sweet fairy blog mother!!! How excited I am that you have reached such a milestone. You didn't include all of the folks you have encouraged with your blog and kind words. I would not be blogging if not for you...You da bomb! And dream destination...Ireland or back to Paris. smooches

Rosemary Antoshak

Wow, 2000. That is quite the accomplishment! Congratulations. It has been a joy reading each and every post. <3


Iran. I have always want to go, but darn the whole system gets a bit in my way.



Applause, Applause Gorgeous Tara and every one of your 2000 has been gorgeous! Merci, Merci, here's to the next grand or two ;)


Hello Tara, well that is a huge achievement, so a big congratulations to you :-)

Dream Destination... ???? That is a hard one. I have never thought about it really, as I love Italy soooo much, I love Mainland Europe and the more I go, the more I love it.

my castle in spain

....gosh..i forgot to congratulate you for your 2000 posts (surely it's the must know :-)

Congratulations Tara and here's to another 2000 posts !

my castle in spain

Holà Tara!
Que tal en Sevilla ? Hope you're staying cool and fresh in your beloved city...
How long are you staying and are you thinking of going to Granada by any chance?
I'm going to Lisboa at the end of the week, just for 1 week and then will be back in Granada.
Just let me know..
Enjoy the siestas, the Moorish beauty and el duende...

oh..and my dream travel destination : Madagascar....

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