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24 August 2010



Tara, I love reading about your trip, and seeing these lovely photos. We so wanted to see Amsterdam this trip, but we won't get to. However, we will see it one day! We leave for Paris oct 8 and I am gearing up. Really excited. Your comment about being relaxed and at home...that resonates with me. After having been to Paris one time 11 years ago, I somehow feel like I'm going to a place that feels like home. I have so many new places to see that my wife and I will be exploring and learning together, and Paris will become her home, as well!


I admire your adventurous spirit! Looking forward to more photos and to see where you 'land'.


Lui, Heaven

The photographs look like paintings! Oh, I'm so glad to drop by!


i love these photos. i find windmills to be so pretty.


Tara, it sounds like a perfectly wonderful time. And glorious scenery, too! I'm glad it feels like home, as it soon will be. But I only wish you had your spot to live already, so you wouldn't have had to haul the map back to Paris!


Oh I love these photos and the ones from Delft. I so appreciate all you share here...I love seeing these places through your eyes.


You have been living an exciting life! But when will you fit in another California trip?

These are all so lovely.

oxoxo :)


I did not realise the the windmills would be so close together! A glorious, romantic countryside!

Marci W.

oh Tara, what a delicious write-up of your adventure in Holland. AND, I learned a new word !!! (kerfuffle). LOL
Here's to (more) wonderful days ahead! xo


Tara by the way you write of it, it sure sounds like home for you already! You have a passion in your voice for this place. I know the right neighbourhood will grab you and the right opportunity will come too.
Never has it ever occured to me to travel to Holland until now. It looks very inviting! Lots of prettiness.
Wishing you good fortune in finding your perfect place there!


another place I am growing to love through your beautiful. I've read lots of Edward de Bono's work and he is Dutch and writes about the different ways we think and work together and has these funny little always carry a newspaper when riding a bike in gives you something to read at stop signs and you can put it under your jacket to keep you warm...if there are others like him will have a great time!


Lovely song and gorgeous pictures. It sounds like your heart is moving already to the Netherlands. How wonderful for you. I know you will find the perfect place.


Such splendid windmills. Gosh, the weather looks appallingly English.......Hm.......
I always want to wander round northern Europe and then we end up in hot places.
You make Holland seem a real must see again very soon.

Mary H.

Truly incredible....Can't wait for more photos and tales of your travels!


Gorgeous! I must get out there and check out these windmills (so many things I still haven't done since moving here!). x

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