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11 August 2010



Just too beautiful.

The Equestrian Vagabond



these photos are glorious! i adore keates.


the silhouettes of the ancient canal mansions proudly standing, remeniscing about ancient glory, wealth and splendour, watching the fall of decadence when many lifes became ruined by precious tulip bulbs, facing the terror of wwII crushing in, looking down on the steady yet changing watercourse in the canals, gazing at the ever changing current of time... stilled!

wishing you glorius moments to remember dearest tara while walking along rembrandt's footsteps!


Thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers...xo
Thank you for sharing such gorgeous night shots.


Each photo captures a beautiful mystique wandering in the evening light! Gorgeous photos!

a fanciful twist

Oh, beautiful and dreamy!

Miss Tara, sending love, as I read your worries in your post a couple below. I'll send up wishes of goodness into the night sky for you and your loved ones.

xoxox Love, V


Catching up... that half moon is simply fabulous!

Di Overton

How exciting. Hope you find something. We must catch up on your return. We are in Paris beg. October this time.


Such a beautiful post, Tara. I especially love the lovely fat crescent moon lighting the window. I would love to be able to walk along some waterways today! I know it probably isn't easy leaving Paris, and I wish you all the best in your search for new 'digs' ;0


Lovely lovely! I've been meaning to tell you ~ this shop in Amsterdam is uber-cool: It is near the Anne Frank House.

Mary H.

And so the new adventures begin...


charming, lovely evening...enjoy! smooches


What a lovely evening.

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