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01 September 2010



This is so great to see, for me it takes a one hour drive to get to Delft...and it's all so normal, GREAT to see how foreign people totaly love all this Delfts blue, I do too ;) but in a different way maybe :)
I'm really more into French enamelware and Sarreguemines plates!

Great post!

Regards, Veronique


Amazing photos as always. I do really LOVE this blog! Hugs

Theresa Cheek

Did someone say delft blue??? I am lovin' that bicycle and the lamp post....great post!


Beautiful in blue.

joanne verkerk

you've made me a bit lonesome for NL - beautiful pictures


Oh my word, such a pretty place! Loved all the blue tiles in particular that seat covered with mosaic tiles near the church.
Great photos!!
Not sure if you have a long weekend, but we do in Canada and I'm taking a few much deserved days off. I hope you enjoy your weekend, wherever you and your suitcase end up!~ xoxo


Lovely blue photo essay, Tara!


Thanks Tara,

That is what I suspected. I knew it happened with hydrangeas, but didn't know it happened with tulips.


Terrific! Love that blue.


All too wonderful! my fav are the blue tulips...didn't know they came like that! smooches

Marci W.

Thank you, Tara, for all the beautiful photos and comments. Am lovin' it !!!

marilee pittman

What a wonderful photo essay. I love it!

Karen Wallace

Such a beautiful collection of blue objects. Warmly, Karen

Tara Bradford

Marilyn, the akaline level in the soil determines the color of the tulips! Same thing happened to hortensia (hydrangea) I bought in France. It was blue, then turned pink when planted.


A wonderful blue tour of the city, Tara! Now I must go there, darn you.


Love that bicycle mosaic!!

Theresa Cheek

I love delft! Those lamp poles are amazing! Great post!!!!!


What beautiful Delft blues. I love them all. Now were those really blue tulips and were they real in the windows? When we were in Amsterdam we bought blue tulips bulbs, brought them home, planted them. I waited with great anticipation all winter for my blue tulips and guess what, they were red. Now what happened? I was so disappointed.


Can you BELIEVE that delft mosaic chair?! These photos are stunning. yay!

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