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12 October 2010


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Wow I really glad to seen that France peoples community unity, I've never seen a situation like this in my country, I am very to being glad to be part of this site! I will visit this site in future too.


And it's still going on! Here in the US the media barely touches it. You are lucky to be right there! The governments DO have the money: they gave it to th banks who are making big profits while the regular folks are suffering. I've never seen a situation like this in the US, much worse than the 1980s recession, many living on the street and in the forest. Most people don't even know what a pension is - they got rid of that 20 years ago.

La Lucha Continua.....


Bonjour Tara~ I'm so pleased to have visited your site via Fifi ~ what an amazing situation in Paris these people are so passionate about their cause, here in Australia men can retire at 65yrs and women depending on year of birth about 64yrs.and the Government are intending to raise this age.
Love your photos.

Paul Leclercq

Misspelled my name!

Paul Lecelrcq

France reminds me of England in the 1970s. An enormous number of people who see the State as a great milch-cow, bursting with money.

I understand that in 1946 in France, for every retired person, there were 8 people working. by the 1970s it was around 4. Now the figure is 1.8.

Where do these millions of stupid people imagine that the money is going to come from? From taxing a few shareholders? Dear God!


I will be very interested in knowing how this plays out. I had heard of it in the news, but love seeing your photos. Being retired of a certain age I think 62 is not too old to be the retirement age, with extenuating circumstances for those that need help sooner. Sometimes I think my husband should have kept working at least part time. ;) I will always keep working at something.


over a million people have participated in this protest so far!! amazing and well documented in your photos.

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