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21 November 2010



WOW! Tara this are exquisite photos. Their faces are so expressively otherworldly. I love the yellow/orange colour of their garb. But, the one photo that grabs my heart is the man covered in ash....seemingly void of colour. However his colour penetrates through the ashes.
Brilliant work!


what an extraordinary life you lead. gorgeous images. xo

Elsie Anderton

Oh Tara, these photos are truly wonderful. I have also fallen in love with a photo on the homepage of your website (black and white, lady in hat, Morocco or somesuch?). I've become all covetous again...

a fanciful twist

Absolutely unreal. I am speechless.

You kindness and beauty is palpable Miss Tara.

Love you, V


These photos are just stunning Tara. Are you there on assignment? Possibly working on a book.?...



WOW!!!! These photos are amazing, and you look beautiful dear one. Nepal is good for you I think! So lovely to see these images from such an amazing adventure.


Tara, wonderful images from your trip to Nepal!! Eager to hear more...will call you tomorrow!


Stunning. Photographs of people are so difficult, to really capture their essence.

Dorian Fletcher

These are absolutely wonderful, Tara! I especially love the sadu with the side bun. What a great face!


What great photos. I can't wait to hear more about your adventure.

Nancy Sotham

What a treat to see your beautiful smiling face at the end of those incredible photographs.


thank you so very much for sharing these images.......moving.Love the shared smiles in the last photo....lovely.
Missy from the bayou


Absolutely beautiful Tara!

Marilyn Miller

Oh I love all the images, but especially seeing you in the last picture. What a lovely picture and you look so peaceful. A friend of mine was in Nepal the same time you were there. I hope your trip was just amazing.


Amazing is the word. These are amazing photographs. Also phenominal, incredible, and breathtaking. You've really outdone yourself.


Amazing photographs. Well, amazing art is what they are. Do you sell your photos?


What an amazing adventure! Do you know why he was separated? He also doesn't have the long dreads... and his eyes are jaundice. These are wonderful images!

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