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07 December 2010



SO pissed off.


I can hardly look at what's going on in Washington. I am so deeply disappointed that Obama will not stand up to his beliefs. I want a one term president that goes down fighting for what we all elected him to fight for.

thank you for the fabulous links as always.


The reason they got voted in is simple, fear. They staged a strong campaign based on fear and succeeded. I feel badly for our president. This is a very sad day indeed. Tara do not even entertain this person commenting on your blog, he or she has no clue.


Re-posting pretty pictures? Wow. I think they're lovely. Maybe someone forget how many words a single photograph is worth? Minions? Ouch! Tara, maybe you struck a nerve. My mama always says a hit dog will holler. :D

Oh hell no! He called me a fellow nitwit??? I'd kick his bad word if I could kick that high. Wonder how wealthy he is? Could I sue if my foot got stuck?

Write on Tara. Write on.


Hey Andie, you said it best; you do come across as flaky.

You had some points to make (perhaps) but they fell short as a result of your approach. Sorry you are so angry. But do not ruin it for the rest of the readership who enjoy this website. Name calling is a pathetic way to make your case.

Tara your site is informative and clear. Your pictures are a joy and your writing is beyond meaningful.

Let's remember that in a huge blogsphere like this, mindless drivel is bound to come in the door every now and then, hmm? Little mosquitos they are; little annoyances that buzz and sting until someone bigger and further evolved smacks them flat while they are sucking the life out of another. :)

By the way, love you! Watch your email today.

Tara Bradford

Wow, Andie, you really know nothing about me or my background and personal attacks are not only destructive, but pointless and stupid. People usually make personal attacks when they can't support their assertions with facts. Judging from your rhetoric, perhaps you're one of the rich getting richer? Your suggestion that the middle class doesn't make sacrifices or work hard for a living is absolutely wrong - and mean-spirited. You should read more and learn what's actually happening in the world.
Name-calling and false accusations are not constructive in solving any problems the US faces.

As for "reposting pretty pictures," the photos on this site are my own, taken by me. Again, you should grasp a few actual facts being submitting gibberish. Your claims are baseless.

Andie Pauly

It is quite obvious that you neither understand economics nor do you appreciate the concept of freedom. Hey, I'm as flaky as the next artist but I choose to actually be informed. I am a proud Libertarian and I will shout it fom the rooftops!!! I have a strong feeling that your ego will not allow my opinion to be posted but at least you know where I stand...not everyone is a lemming, my dear.
Who the hell do you think employs the minions? Who carries that particular burden? The RICH! Ya' know how they got there, Einstein?! Hard work and more hard work. You and your ilk seek to take from them because you are either too incompetent or lazy to make the same sacrifices they did. You are the reason that businesses go overseas, they have been taxed out of this country. Does that make you proud, you blubbering fool?
Stick to re-posting pretty pictures and making an attempt at meaningful writing. I can find pretty pictures anywhere...and nitwits are a dime a dozen too. A dime a dozen until you and your fellow nitwits tax them into a higher bracket, that is.


What bothers me even more is this: No one is fighting back. No one stands up to the Republican bullies. I don't blame the president for caving. I'd be tired of fighting an up-hill battle every day, 365 days for four years too. Why aren't the Democrats rallying? Don't forget: The president cannot arbitrarily do what he wants. He has to deal with people who want to fight against anything that is good an honorable, simply to oppose him. Who knew we lived in a society run by an elitist group of policy makers that still fosters such hatred, disrespect, lack of accountability to its constituents and detachment from the needs of Americans.


I just found your blog and read your last post with interest and agreement. You know I think if this would happen in France, many people would go to the street and would faire “une manif” a manifestation to denounce this outrage. Why are people here in the US so passive?


The rich will pay. Don't think they won't. It's called the trickle up effect. They will pay for the poor and the broken one way or another. And they call themselves the keepers of family values, and morals. Such great Christians!

The kindest, most loving first Christian spoke of the rich man and heaven. Remember the camel and the eye of a needle? He also reminded us that the poor will be with us always. Remember? And this: The rich are always the first to leap from windows when the going gets touch. Only the strong survive and the poor have memories like an elephant. Americans help each other. This is not Russia or China!

Shame on us for not being more active in our government. Shame on us for accepting such behavior. I guess most of us have forgotten how to write letters, huh? What ever happened to protest?

Marilyn Miller

I will probably come back and read your links, but right now it is making me too angry to read. You are so right about the obstructionists. How can so many stupid people in the US keep voting for them and believe they are in their best interest. It is just beyond me. I am also disappointed in Obama and I had such hope.


And the real question is: how is it that those who need help the most can be so easily duped into voting against their own interests?

Although I voted for Obama, I am unlikely to bother voting again. Two quotes come to mind:

"Meet the new boss, same as the old boss..." - The Who

"The most radical revolutionary will become a conservative the day after the revolution." - Hannah Arendt


With these policies,
many middle class Americans will soon experience what it feels like when middle class America slowly fades away.

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