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01 December 2010



The sign on the window would have made me chuckle! Hi. Just checking in when I realized I hadn't seen you post on FB in ages. Life is so busy and we're all spread so thin these days. I'm so behind on blogging and blog visits. I like the new look you have. You must be moving soon.


Oh! Hold out for the best!
How lovely!!


Well I don't know which home you'll get, but I do know that you need to enter the first photo (the snow covered bikes) in a New York Times or National Geographic photo contest. Really. It's that good.


The view. Because you can live without a third of your stuff. Really you can.
But views don't grow on trees.

Hope the magic lasted and will continue to last for you dear one!


Did you get it? I'd love to see photos of them all...can't wait to see what you picked.

sorry it's so f*%^%&king COLD outside!



Love the photos in this post. They made me appreciate the beauty of the snow outside instead of thinking about how cold the weather is getting. Thanks for the little reminder! Good luck house hunting!


what a magical post. beautiful images and i could really see you spending a snowy evening searching. i know wherever you end up will be beautiful...because you'll make it uniquely yours.


Oooh, I'm so jealous. What a wonderful time, cracked up over your description of "Dutch translations". :)


Really nice blog!
Christmas is close!

Karen at Pas Grand-Chose

My vote goes to the maisonette with the lovely view! What enticing pictures - I wish you happy house hunting in lovely Amsterdam. Greetings from a snowy and equally freezing London ...


You will find the right home to hold your current (and future!) treasures!

Wonderful photos!



Listen to your heart Tara, I love that you felt so much joy looking out those windows. The whole place seems so magical decorated for the holidays.


Good luck with this important decision. I've been away too long - I love seeing these glimpses of A'dam! It looks "bibberend" cold there!

Marilyn Miller

Good luck with finding the perfect for you place. I know it will be extra special. Love seeing the pictures, especially chuckled at the window sign, but the copper pots for mulled wine were beautiful.

Di Overton

Have you got anything then???? Hope all is well with you, there is 3 feet of snow outside my cottage and its still falling. I am now officially stir crazy. It's been snowing since last Thursday. Give my love to Paris

ally bean

I cannot imagine how you go about deciding which place is for you. You've got apple and oranges and rutabagas there! I look forward to learning about where you choose to live-- and why.


This is like an episode of House Hunters International! Which will they choose? Except for the traffic jam, all your options sound wonderful--can't wait to hear what you chose.

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