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31 January 2011



WHAT a great photo!!

I'm sorry I missed your anniversary, but I'll be following you to the Nether regions!!

(I didn't mean that the way it sounded...)


The best five years of blogging I've ever had, because of YOU!
I've been across the globe, learned much, been delighted by graceful beautiful images and enthralled with the creative and talented is to FIVE more and beyond. I'll follow you to Amsterdam and anywhere else the road takes you.
Much love and congratulations, friend. xoxo


Happy Anniversary Tara!! Time flies, huh? Looking forward to many many more years.



Congratulations! That's a significant milestone -- what stuns me is how you always have something interesting to say and something beautiful to show. Here's to five more!


Tara five years..amazing and how much I have learned about world events from reading your posts..I thank you. I look forward to getting a close encounter from Amsterdam through your eyes.Although I have not stopped by it does not mean that you are out of mind..Hogie and I think of you often..he waits for that it published?Waving from the southwest.


Oh, congratulations!!! What a splendid photo to go with, your visual humor is always a joy. :)

Mary H.

Thank you, Tara, for Paris Parfait. It is my refuge as well as insight into the rest of the world. It makes me think and makes me smile. I am truly excited to see what parts of Amsterdam you will share with us. I hope your move is going well.

PS-the key to sherpas in Washington state? Fresh breakfast pastries!


I'm right there with you! Congratulations on the five years--it's a great number!

Allegra Smith

Looking forward to grow with you in the next five years. Many adventures await and Paris Parfait from Amsterdam would be a reminder of past adventures so filled at times with joy, some times with sadness, but always beautiful. As I am sure the ones from Amsterdam will be. Félicitations et beaucoup de bonheur!


Congratulations~ Five years is quite an accomplishment. I can't wait for the next 5 years stories.


Felicitations, Tara !Looking forward to the next five years, wherever your fancy takes you. How are the cartons doing?


congratulations, on the longevity, the work, the move and the next advance ;)

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