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04 January 2011


JanePoet ~ Deborah

wish I was living in Paris & could help you lighten that load!

how exciting that the move is getting closer!!


Tara, would love to lighten your load. :-) Just moved into a house w/ the new hubby in Menlo Park. Not nearly as romantical as the Netherlands, but maybe we'll visit!


You know that if I was in Paris, your "brocante" is the first spot I'd be -- and I'd snatch up those books! It must be quite a challenge to pack your life in Paris -- or part with it, as you must. I think of your lovely apartment and think "Oh, my." (I confess, I would be in the same situation myself, and periodically beat myself up and say 'you really should get rid of this NOW.'

I suspect you get rather exhausted with all this -- or maybe I project my reality on you. But I know you'll choose the treasures you take ever so carefully. And how much more they will mean, for that choice.


If only I could be there I would unburden you of them all! Anything on the middle east is of interest to me.

Robin @ My Melange

Oh how I wish I lived near you. I'd be there digging through anything you'd be getting rid of Tara. I'm sure you could have your own mini brocante at your house :)

Moving is such a pain - but lightening the load can be very healthy. I wish you the best of luck with your move and your new home. Hard for me to believe you won't be living in Paris anymore and I am so very disappointed that we never did get the chance to meet up there. :(

Happy 2011 Tara!! xo


Wow...that is so soon! I am sure you will enjoy savoring the memories associated with all of your treasures. Happy purging and packing!


i so want those books! just sayin. ; )

can't wait to come visit.


I'm sure your books are glorious and they will make a great addition to anyone's library. Best of luck on your move; it has to be a daunting task.

martha ann

Good luck lightening your load... Wish I were there to help you.... Best wishes for a wonderful new home for you and David...... happy happy 2011


Darling, wish I could hop a flight and help lighten your load! It will all be worth it once you are riverside in your gorgeous and cosy new place in Holland.
Thinking of you, will call you this week if you email me a suitable day & time. Miss you! xoxo love, Gillian


Now THERE's a garage sale I'd kill to attend! Bummer that we're an ocean and continent away. Couldn't be happier for you!!! What an adventure.

Mary H.

Tara, I am so with you in spirit. After 20 years in the same home we are moving as well as downsizing (I should be sorting instead of checking Paris Parfait!). The local charity will be thrilled (or scared) by the amount of items we will be dropping off. I think the hardest part was being ruthless as I sorted through my books. "Be calm and carry on" has been my mantra as of late. I can hardly wait for photos from your and David's new home and the views of Amsterdam.

Marilyn Miller

Books are always a temptation, but too far to come right now. We are trying to lighten the load now before we need to move again, whenever that would be. It does feel good. I hope your move goes well.

ally bean

Just the thought of moving makes me begin to get anxious. My heart goes out to you. Best of luck.


I do know exactly what you mean about having an affinity for a place, but I would love to know what Amsterdam does for you that Paris never has.


I hope your books find good homes. All the best for your new home


congratulations on your move; how exciting! i would come get those books in a heartbeat; but alas - would take me several days to get there. best wishes in the new year!


Moving is always so stressful, but it lets you think and re-evaluate what you really love and can not give away. Not too bad for a New Year just starting.

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