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24 January 2011



are you kidding?! Vermeer is my IDOL!! (I mean, if I had idols...)


I am so excited for you!


What an adventure tihs move must be. I have not moved between cities let alone countries much in my life. You must be so excited to be done and settled.

I saw Night Watch at the Rijksmuseum long ago and was astonished at it's size. So many of the paintings I had only seen in books are so small compared to how I imagined them.

good luck with the move


You and David are in my thoughts often in these days, as you prepare to move. I hope all goes smoothly and I look forward to reading of your adventures.

Google reader ... adding you too. It's a new thing I've learned to do recently. Only a few years after everyone else was probably mastering it xo


I can see I must add Amsterdam to my "someday" list! And how I love the photo of the bicycle -- perhaps it is the Rick influence, but I can't pass up a photo of a bike without experiencing great joy!

How excited and frantic you must be -- but glad you have your keys and are good to go -- at least so far as Amsterdam is concerned. Paris? Well... soon!


Oh, I thought I'd lost you! So you're on to Amsterdam, one of my very favorite cities! Can't wait to follow your new adventures, dear heart.


Best of luck with everything...and I must say, The Milk Maid and lobster bisque in one day, how delightfully decadent. Well done, you.


Good luck with the packing and moving. I had to smile at that picture. I had a picture on my blog on Friday of a button I recently acquired that says "make tea, not war". Loved the museums in Amsterdam, especially was enthralled with the VanGogh. If I ever fly through Amsterdam again, I will be sure to include time to once again visit the museums. What a treasure is there for you with open arms. And how exciting to be moving there. I can't wait to hear you stories of living in Amsterdam.


i love it! you are at home. ; )


home is where the boxes land. enjoy the trip.


The bike slogan could be my own mantra! I'd love to know the name of your favourite restaurant in Amsterdam that you mention - we're planning a weekend trip there next month. Best of luck with the packing (nobody's favourite task); it sounds as though you're going to have a wonderful time in your new location.

Tara Bradford

Tracy, your comment made me smile. If only...I could use a spa about now; aching muscles from lifting heavy things. (And I do take a lot of vitamins). :)


Moving is always so tumultuous!! But worth it in the beginnings. Love that you already seem to feel right at home in Holland, I hope you blog your way through it for us.

Rembrandt is a fave, after I saw some work in Washington. That was my first exposure to him. Mostly self portraits if I recall correctly. The Night Watch is glorious!

Ooooh your fridge sounds perfectly groovy! You will be able to keep all your dutch cheeses in there. :)


I want to know what vitamins you take and if can we open a Southern California take over the world if you drink this juice spa together.
Such sweetness to you and David in your new adventure.


How exciting! Changing countries and cities...Indeed la vie est tres belle ;-)

Mary H.

I too am in the midst of moving....nothing as exciting as Amsterdam but a big change none the less. Tara, may I share this picture with friends (with due acknowlegement,of course)?
Anyone who knows me knows this has been my mantra for years:
"life is too short to drink bad coffee!" Still excited to see your photos from your new home.

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