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28 March 2011


HV in France

These photos of gorgeous! You have a real knack for photography - thanks for sharing.


different from your paris
what a visual treat!

{{ how lovely
we can enjoy many flavors
of cities & towns }}


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WOW. This is so cool, Tara!
I can't wait to visit!


Oops didn't mean to copy Marilyn's comment! But it is true! I WOULD love to come see you there!! lol


Such breathtaking all looks so magical. I would love to come visit you there!!


oh it's breathtaking.


I love that there is water water everywhere, I can't live without being close to water. Miss you!


fabulous! looking forward to the day we can see it in person and take a walk with you!



Love the pictures and the landscape, looks so untouched by human hand, so quiet and peaceful. Every country has its own beauties, I like also Paris, who doesn't?

ally bean

So serene. Your photos are lovely. I cannot imagine what it must be like to live in such a place. The vibe is 180º opposite of my corner of the world.



martha ann huey sloan

So happy you are in a beautiful place.. would love to paint some of these photos.....


Oh, what I wouldn't give . . . Absolutely breathtaking images!


Make me homesick...

Mary H.

The photos are truly exquisite, Tara. I must admit a tad bit of envy while viewing pictures of your new home...but as long as you continue to share your new world with us I shall be happy and behave!

Karen @PasGrand-Chose

The light in these photos has such a special quality. I really enjoyed enlarging these for an even better look. Lovely!

Tara Bradford

Natalie, the first time I saw the place, it was snowing and magical. I am looking forward to photographing the changing seasons.


I don't know about you, but I'm envisioning these places through the seasons...wonderful, wonderful.


The 'unusual' trees are Lindens. They are beautiful in the summer.


Just stunning images!! I would love to visit!

I have a new giveaway up I think you will love…from The Zhush!

Art by Karena


beautiful and breathtaking! what a gift!


Just lovely! Oh I must visit you there. I am such a water girl I would love being surrounded by the beautiful waters. The knobby trees I can only imagine will be beautiful in another month or two. Thanks for all you share.

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