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21 March 2011


karen cole

....and I am there. Paris that is....well, almost. I leave Phila. this afternoon. Just missing you it would seem. :-(

Your beautiful new world is spectacular. Yes, so different from Paris. I hope you enjoy every beautiful moment.

I will be thinking of you while I am in the city of lights.

xxoo Karen


Welcome to my world Tara - you'll enjoy the ride.

I know that Dutch bureaucracy can be mind-blowing, only
the Belgians manage to beat it.


I was able to post a comment! so I came back to tell you, this made me cry!! So beautiful, and really glad you guys are settled and well. Losing treasured things is a nightmare and one reason it's so hard to depend on strangers. I wish this had not happened, and I hope you're getting restitution.

Tara Bradford

Hi Jeanie - Thank you! Those tricky stairs are within our place - but similar steep and dangerous stairs are everywhere in Holland. So we must adapt.


Now this, my friend, is the post I have been waiting for! It's so beautiful - and by "it" I mean everything! (Although I have to say that clock could get annoying after awhile! And pretty amazing on the those steps -- to your place or just steps everywhere? So many questions! I look forward to seeing the flowers from the shop -- sounds wonderful!

But I'm so sorry about all the damage on the move -- hope the claims will settle sooner rather than later. McCoy -- I can feel it in my bones... deep sadness.

Hugs across the sea -- or the canal.


Tara...I am in LOVE with your new part of the world!!

happy that you are settling in and looking forward to all you'll have to share


Lovely! I love all the brick so much. So charming! When Kory and I went (so many) years ago, we were so in love with it. I really loved it.
The flowers in the boots are too sweet. Sorry your move was so hard. :(

But when will you come back to SF for a visit? Miss you. Shoot me an email when you have time, tell me how you are.

oxox :)

Karen @PasGrand-Chose

Loved seeing these glimpses of your new surroundings - I wish you happiness and look forward to seeing where the new possibilities take you!


Oh, WOW! Wow wow wow. I am SO happy for you in your beautiful new home. And I suppose the best of it is, or at least worth a serious honorable mention, is that you'll never have to deal with French movers again.


Tara Bradford

Catherine, thank you. I forgot you were in Christchurch. Hope you, your family and friends weren't too badly affected by the earthquake. Such a tragedy. x


Your new town looks lovely. Sorry to hear about the broken treasures, and I hope the insurance gets sorted soon. You have my sympathies on that one, we are all here in Christchurch waiting on insurance companies just now :)


I love those shoes that have been recycled as planters. Shoes meant for moving and walking, now grow moss.

Beautiful pictures of your new town.


Congrats on the move!! It is timeless yet the church bells have a playlist!! Love it! Thank you for sharing.
missy from the bayou

Elsie Anderton

YAY! At last!
It all looks amazing. I hope you are going to decorate you bicycle for Spring?

Possibilities are endless. Good luck in your new home x

Mary H.

A small gasp of delight when I saw the new photos posted! We shall all be so fortunate to see Holland through your eyes. I collect white McCoy vases and some of my earliest pieces are Nelson McCoy. I actually hand carried most during our last move as the threat of death to the movers if they broke any was too much for most of them....can't wait for more about the florist. The shop looks like such fun.


It looks as though Vermeer could have painted your new life! Good luck in the new home.

Gemma @ Greyscale

Fragments of heaven at every turn! Pockets of earthly beauty in between! What a great little world! Fascinating photos!

Martha ann sloan

Very exciting. Best wishes to you and david


I missed your photos! And now i'm happy seeing it again! :)

Elizabeth Rhiannon

You live a life many of us dream of and I thank you for sharing your beautiful photography of that dream :) Many Blessings in your new home.
Why is it that my belt isn't tightened a notch after my several flights a day? ;)


I second what Vanessa said!
Your new home is paradise. Bureaucracy will sort itself out, give it time. All that water, lucky you! It seems each view worthy of painting a picture. I can see you on that bike...if it were me I'd be toting a huge wheel of that cheese home!
Sorry to hear the movers were bumbling keystone-cop types. Shame. I hope you recover your missing collection!

Love to you & D in your new beautiful home.


My goodness ~~ how beautiful. I am so sorry the move was hellish. But.. you are in a new paradise! Wow, Tara.. I'm loving it.


I am so excited to follow your journey in Holland, Tara! This town reminds me of Vinkeveen, where my school teacher lived all her life long. I love the ceramic chickens and the violets in the shoes.

I'm so sorry to hear about your McCoys. I have one piece my mother bought at a flea market years ago. Dare I hope that you get them back?


Lovely! Wonderful! I am going to love seeing your pictures of Holland and your new surroundings. Each place may be different, but each has it's own joys and flavors. Totally Delightful!


this place looks absoutley beautiful! i wish where i lived was more bicyle friendly - would love to just hop on a bike and pop to the shops :) xx


Tara, you seem to have made the perfect choice. Congratulations!

Side note: Being French myself, I have a hard time believing Dutch Bureaucracy could rival the French one, and I am glad for you that they have a better sense of humour ;-)

a fanciful twist

OKay so, Paris was awesome. French, Chic etc... BUT, where you have found youself now. SO ME! Paris was the old me and I will still go there with you one day.... But, this Dutch Fairytale, so me now ;)

I am breathless. It is charming beyond words.

I laughed outloud at, if I were a rich man every 15 mins. Thank Goodness the bells' set list changes on Monday, hahaaa! Nananananana nananananananana naaaaaaa


It is glorious there. Those boots, tickled me to no end!

I am so so so so so sorry about the tragedies of broken and lost items. That is totally uncalled for. I would be so upset.

Hooray for bakeris and stairs to work off the treats so you can have more. At least, that is what I would do ;)

LOOOOov you! Vanessa


Beautiful! I love Holland, I love the tiny spaces, the pragmatic creativity brought to bear on those tiny spaces (and to many other challenges of modern life) and I love the bicycles! Enjoy. X

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