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27 September 2011



Well, I have to say, it wasn't on my radar before, but your Spain photos have me thinking new things about this old country. Radar, hmmm? Well, right now, I'm hoping the Supreme Court takes up the health care issue quickly, as the administration has asked. And worrying about the potential loss of our federal funding, now that the Congress is starting to take up appropriations. On a more pleasurable front, looking into kansas City as I plan for a trip there. And thinking of France in the spring!


It does become overwhelming at times. From the sweat shops and Palestine's request to be recognized by the UN. Then there is the threat of cuts to Social Security and Medicare, which would definitely impact me personally. And all the time I take note of so many in this country that don't think for themselves and follow along like sheep to the slaughter.

Tara Bradford

Barbara, you're right: no excuses for Countrywide Financial and its misdeeds. As for the SPLC, since I was a child, Morris Dees and his colleagues have been doing an amazing job in championing civil and human rights and defending those who are victims of hate crimes and other injustices.


Wow! I skimmed the Entra link ... and I'm so inspired (but I have to get the Pentax repaired first!) ... I applaud Coelho's embrace of these new story-telling methods and I agree that the 'new' does whet the appetite for the 'old school.' The stories at the Southern Poverty Law Center are compelling, but after reading about the willingness at all levels of Countrywide Financial Corp. ( to perpetrate fraud in their business dealings I think the 'poverty' is much broader than a 'poverty' of employment opportunity.

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