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09 September 2011



as always you write eloquently about a time that has become a benchmark for so much that has changed.....
missy from the bayou


I don't think I was reading your blog when you shared your story. Thanks for the opportunity to know you better through that story.
Thanks also for sharing about the World Trade Center. "forever altering the way the world perceives us" So true! I have been thinking alot about this time lately as we are approaching the 10 year anniversary. I, as many others, will remember first learning of it and being glued to the television. The reaction did change the way the country thought of us. Then Obama came along and I and so many others hoped for a better time. Yet so many don't want to allow for change, they want to hold onto anger. Though Osama Bin Laden is no longer alive, he and his group have changed things in the US. They did destroy some of the innocence the US still lived under. So I remember and I am sad.


You put this very well, Tara. You've described exactly the trajectory of my own responses to this event, from instinctive, appalled sympathy to growing anger and contempt for America's (and later Britain's) response to it and the blank refusal to examine honestly the reasons for the attack on the US. But you're absolutely right that this is a time to remember with love and empathy the victims of that day and to reflect on the human cost of all acts of aggression.


Very poignant Tara.Many thoughts and prayers go out to those who suffered and died in this tragedy.


Art by Karena

Mary H.

Tara,I too remember the day the towers fell. I had been in NYC just as they were opening. It is difficult to visualize the city without them. I lived near an army firing range at the time of the attacks on 9-11. The jets always flew the same patterns when training-until that day. I would see jets all over the sky and moving in directions I had never seen them go before. And for the first time I wondered and hoped they were ours. We have been changed. May I share your mantra "To all who remember and all who have suffered in the 9/11 aftermath: wishing you peace and brighter days?" It sums up the sentiments I hold.

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