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17 November 2011


horse care courses

Many congratulations, hope everything goes well. I will certainly be looking forward to seeing more of your interesting collections when you get to your new house.


Good wishes? You have them -- and congratulations -- in spades! I'm so delighted you have found a wonderful spot and I'm off to check the link as soon as I hit "post!" This IS good new, and just in the nick of time. And a rowboat, too! Perfect! Oh, you really ARE making me smile today!


Wonderful! So happy the right place for you is happening. Love the rowboat!


First love the Raku piece from California. All sitting on your mantel are beautiful.
How exciting to find your new home. You much be beside yourself with thrill and excitement. What a lovely place to settle. The view is just perfect with the tiny row boat and deck and a whole room for a closet. Lovely! Congratulations to you and D.


Delighted for you that you secured the house on the water - that rowing boat alone would have done it for me! I wish you many years of happy living there. (And I love that collection of blue-themed objets from your travels - fireplace or not, it's obvious you will make a lovely home).

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

I`m back in the blogging worls and have to catch up with all your wonderfull posts...can`t believe you`re already settled there in The of luck and congratulations on the purchase...I hope you will be so very very happy there!


Cheers to your new house and may it slowly, patiently and beautifully transform into a home!

Tara Bradford

Anjie, that would be fabulous! And thank you! xoxox

anjie joon

so thrilled for you! i just know it's going to work out wonderfully well. and someday i hope to visit you there. maybe even next summer on my honeymoon? much love from oregon!

Mary H.

Visualizing Tara and David surrounded by empty moving boxes and all settled into their new home...Congratulations!

Ally Bean

Congrats on your purchase of a house-- and a rowboat. What good fortune to have views of a canal, eh?

And what a smart girl Jordana is. I like her idea: "visualize, visualize."

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