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21 February 2012



Loved, loved, loved this!! I haven't been to New Orleans in years. It's time for a visit! Thanks for the reminder!


What beautiful photos. So happy to see NOLA coming back. What a colorful and wonderful city.


Fantastic pictures I love the buildings and the whole atmosphere. Looks like the city of my heart. The dress is like one from a fairytale. Is mardi grass something like carnaval but a bit more sophistocated? The pink bike looks very Dutch

Kay McKenzie Cooke

What a contrast to the ice. Exuberance! Ornate! Just gorgeous photos. Thanks Tara!


Happy Mardi Gras (and more) to you, Tara! These are all fabulous, but I'm a sucker for masks and tight shots, so you know where my heart lies!

Hope you are settling in well. Moving is such a challenge!


Fantastic tribute to one of my favorite cities of all time! I will be there for Jazz Fest this year. Yippeee!


Ohhh, I LOVE New Orleans! Such a great city, so picturesque and original and full of eating and music and drink and...shamelessly so. What a wonderful mini vacation you've given us, thank you, Tara!!!


Your photos are fantastic Tara.
And the colours superb :-)


I've never been. My brother says New Orleans is his second favorite (after Paris, of course!). Your pictures make the city a work of art.

And thank goodness the white pumps are timed properly!

Allegra S.

Shrimp Etouffee, French 75 for us and maybe Sazeracs for the husbands, Bananas Foster and Cafe Brûlée. At what time may we expect you for dinner? I am so happy you got your Internet finally and thank you for this walk down memory lane. So many good memories of fun times and unfortunately I must agree with you about Bourbon Street. No more social clubs wherein to learn to dance to the sounds of Queen Ida and The Bon Temps...sigh.

Happy Mardi Gras to you dear Tara as well!


What a journey through photos, thanks Tara!
I love all the beautiful greenery filled balconies.
Lovely to see you!I took a break from taxes to visit you here...long overdue let me tell you!!!


Awwww! The celebration and your pictures are so festive. Love the balconies and that second dress is yummy! It has been many years since I have been there. Maybe I should put it on the dream list for travel. Sending you hugs!


Now I am more homesick than I was yesterday when making dirty rice and creole! these are so wonderful, you really captured the essence of a place I love so dearly. Laissez les bons temps rouler!! smooches


Those photos made me remember my childhood summer vacations in New Orleans when we would visit my mother's family. My aunt would make a big pot of gumbo on which was always too much (too spicy, too rich) for my mid-western stomach and bland palate to take. Now after traveling all over the world and eating what I would have thought was the inedible, I would love to have a big pot of her stew waiting to greet me.

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