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18 June 2012


Tara Bradford

Natalie, I think you're right...there's a law or something about riding bicycles. :) Thanks for the good wishes. Hopefully something easily resolved!


Murakami's book is great, so sorry to hear about the dizzy spells. That's lousy. Oh, and that dog? Make me happy! Adorable!! Hope all goes well at the doc for you. Fingers crossed and all that. You're simply not allowed to be in the Netherlands and not ride a bicyle.

Tara Bradford

Lisa, thanks so much for the info! If the neuro doesn't discover what's going on, I'll visit my trusted ENT in Paris.

Lisa, a.k.a. The Bold Soul

About the dizzy spells... Georges had his first-ever bout of vertigo recently; woke up with it on the Monday before I was leaving for the States and freaked me out by announcing he "couldn't move". After I realized he had NOT had a massive stroke (!) he elaborated about the horrible dizziness and he literally could not even sit up. The SOS doc prescribed something which seemed to help after a couple of days. But it never really went totally away. So finally he went to our regular doctor (getting him to go there takes a lot, so the dizziness was clearly bothering him) who sent him to an ENT specialist. Who did what she called a "manipulation" which seemed to consist of having him sit on the table while she pushed him onto one side and then the other. She did this a couple of times, had him stay lying on his side for a few minutes, and pronounced him "cured". And you know what? He was! Apparently one of those bits in the inner ear that regulates balance had gotten off-track, and something in the manipulation technique sort of "reset" things. He's much better now... and no medication needed. I had vertigo a couple of times back in the US and no one EVER tried a technique like that on me. Sure was interesting, I'll say that.

I don't know if you saw an ENT doc but you might want to check that out too, if you haven't already. Dizziness can have so many causes... hope it will all be well in your case soon.


Tara, that dog reminds me of dear Jack, my one-time Jack Russell terrier. Sweet dog, but energetic to say the least! I could see him racing down those steps.

Sorry to hear you are still dealing with the dizzy spells. Not a bit of fun, and I hope you can soon find out what might be causing it. I'll keep thinking good thoughts, but do keep us posted.

Good book recommendations, both! Thanks!

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