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02 August 2012



Kindness is the highest form of wisdom.
How beautiful a day when kindness touches it.
Blessings my friend


I can imagine how you feel Tara. I have lived in over 30 countries and visited probably the same number but Egypt is kicking my a%%. After three years here, I am really struggling to find something good about this place and the people. Today one of my neighbors brought me a lovely plate of fruit for Ramadan and it almost brought me to tears. So much evil I have witnessed here and yet even here there is some grace as well.

Lisa, a.k.a. The Bold Soul

That woman has some super-good karma coming her way. And I know you're the type of person who will pay that kindness forward in some way, some day. Feel better!


Thank you so for sharing this. The ripples of that woman's kindness ... well, she likely would not believe it if you told her how many people are smiling now because of her! (Like 'jeanie' I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.)


What a lovely, lovely story of kindness. And I know you'll pass that kindness on, Tara. That's just the sort of lady you are. Get better soon.


Wow! Tara, What a lovely act of kindness, so generously given. I will smile here too, as this is so rare. I hope your days going forward improve.


Good grief, my friend. You SO need a break. And, in a small way -- and perhaps one of the most important ways of all -- you got one. Stories like this remind me that there are indeed so many good people in the world; why is it often the bad ones that we remember or stick out?

I hope everything else settles soon. I think of you every day hoping you'll find some answers and soon!

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