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10 September 2012



I'm late to this party but I wish you a most wonderful, joyous HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY ever! So much is happening in our lives, I sense a similarity between us, paring down and focusing on what is really important. Funny enough I miss YOU and you aren't one I'm going to let go of.

I hope you had a fabulous birthday Tara. Love you and writing a quick one to you right now so you know whats up and I can't wait to hear from you.
xoxoxoxo Gillian


Happy belated birthday my fellow virgo friend. Wonderful thoughts on aging...I think of getting better with age, like that fine wine.


A very happy belated birthday my beautiful rebel friend. I think of you often.


Happy happy birthday Tara! :D I just found out that we are both born in September. I wish all the happiness, good health and much love! ;)


Hartelijk gefeliciteerd, Tara!

I find my priorities shifting in similar fashion as yours. Here's to many more years of introspection and creativity.


Belated birthday wishes, my friend. It is a day worth celebrating, a life worth living and you live it well. How perfectly and with such grace you share your birthday thoughts! You are absolutely glorious in every way and I know the new year will bring you good things. It simply must! Sending you much joy from both Rick and me!


Happy Birthday
Much love and many blessings
Love Jeanne

Di Overton

Happy Birthday my friend. I hope you don't dump me :( Have a fantastic day whatever you are doing xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


A belated Happy Birthday to you Tara.


Happy birthday Tara! x xx

Lisa, a.k.a. The Bold Soul

Joyeux anniversaire, Tara!

And I'm always willing to tell my age (51). But until recently (when I started a blog documenting my struggles with body image) I didn't ever tell anyone my weight, not even my husband. A girl's gotta have SOME secrets. :)

But it seems to get easier to be transparent as we get older and release our need for other people's good opinion.


Happy birthday Tara! You are elegance personified if you resemble that gorgeous building. We knew it all along. Wonderful thoughts and Sela Ward? Always one of my favorites. I couldn't have been more pleased the season she played opposite to Hugh Laurie on House MD. Fabulous.


Happy Birthday, dear Tara! I do hope you continue the road less traveled for a very long time and continue speaking out. I like what you have to say. I find as I get older I speak my mind more often and don't spend precious time doing things I don't want to do. I hope it has been a wonderful birthday doing just what makes you happy.


Happy Birthday, Tara!
We are obsessed with youth and beauty here. But in my own way, I'm bucking trends...decidedly to let my hair go completely gray. :-)


You da bomb baby...da bomb! I love posts like this and people like you. My dad use to say if everyone agrees, somebody is redundant...and you my dear will never be that! Here's to another year of originality, joy, challenges and all the things that make life worth living you rebel you! smooches

Sheris White

Happy Birthday Tara! I always remember your birthday since you share your birthday with our youngest daughter. My 76th birthday was Saturday. Talk about time flying by!

Mary H.

Happy Birthday, Tara! Your thoughts in this post mirror so many of my own at this stage in life. Time is flying by and I honestly wonder what happened, where did time go? Additionally, I must concur with Ally Bean: "You are grace personified." Keep posting and we shall keep reading!

Ally Bean

Beautiful thoughts + photos. You are grace personified.

[And on a different note: A few years ago I saw Sela Ward in LAX. She was stunningly beautiful & so relaxed as she walked by. I was smitten with her even more than I had been before. A girl crush, perhaps?]

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