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09 January 2013


Tara Bradford

Thanks, Jeanie. We didn't have the rug, coffee table, custom-made sofa or chair when you were visiting. I gave those Napoleon III chairs to a friend.


I love how you rearranged the furniture. It's a combination of warmth and light and cool, clean elegance. I know it's filled with love, and really, that tops all the treasures (although you do have some mighty special treasures!) Love the table! And your rug is just perfect!


Tara, you're a gem. That's a very zen and fabulous rule, such discipline! As for travel, thank you for asking; my husband is doing a lot of travel in S America. The next big project and one in which the scuttlebutt says they want my hubby to play a major role, is Guatemala and neither of us are excited about that. Travel in a place that the US State Dept calls the "most violent in Central America"...not so much. We've had good luck so far, but one of our engineers was kidnapped and murdered 9 months later in Guatemala last year. So we shall see. Another job is in Poland, which we could definitely get into, and the third one, which I REALLY would like, is New Zealand, but thus far they aren't looking to send him there. We shall see, we shall see.

Vanessa {a fanciful twist}

Insert Claps! Oh, I love it! You always outdo yourself in every way, and your treasures are vast and marvelous!

Loved the peek to pieces!



it is a feast for the senses. i love so much about it, but i think those lamps hanging from the ceiling are my favorite. *sigh*

Tara Bradford

Natalie, thank you! I change things around a lot, but my one rule is that when something comes in, something else goes out.

Tara Bradford

Thank you, Marilyn! It's quite different to our Paris apartment, isn't it? Like the ones you saw in Thailand, the French pottery jugs were filled with water and kept in the vineyard fields during the day, for the workers. Originally, two of them were kept in a wooden stand, but it was lost in Paris.


Tara, Everything is just beautiful! Just as I would expect you to have. The jugs under the television reminded me of some jugs we saw in Taiwan sitting in the tea fields. They were very old and just be left there. Oh how we wanted to bring one home. I just love every little detail in this room including the mannequin with ornaments.


Oh, Tara. I am drooling. This is gorgeous! You really must come decorate my home. I have lovely things but they never quite work together. You have so many gifts! Can't wait to see more.

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