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31 January 2013


Lisa, a.k.a. The Bold Soul

Congratulations, Tara! I must have been reading your blog since very near the beginning. And you just reminded me that in a few weeks it will be my 8th blog anniversary, which really blows my mind. How is it possible we've been doing this for THAT long?


Congratulations, Tara!
I love you for being you.
I have been amazed at some blogs that are copycats, don't post there own information and pictures, and advertise alot; and yet they have tons of followers. That is a puzzle to me.
I am glad you are here and I learn so much from you, plus love your photography.


wowsers! what an accomplishment...congrats and smooches


Bravo, Tara! I love your blog declaration just as much as I enjoy your blog, which provides me with beauty, illumination, joy, and more often than not, food for thought. It is the authentic online representation of yourself and really, isn't that what it's all about?

Congratulations -- seven years, and so many posts! May there be many more!


Congratulations on your 7 years of blogging.........
I enjoy every post.
Blessings my friend


i remember reading your blog when i was 23. i am now 26 and it's been a happy thought of still finding new updates on your blog. :) congratulations Tara!

Maria from San Francisco

Bravo, Tara. Well said. Here's to Rebels; they keep the blood flowing and pulses racing, long may they pursue incredible feats and tell marvelous tales. By the way, brilliant photography!


Congrats on seven wonderful years, Tara.

Linda Sullivan

So happy to have found your blog a few years back,love your photography as well as your writing,
Don't stop and congratulations!


Tara-Thanks for being original, that's why I keep coming back.


Congrats Tara, so happy I discovered you. Here's to another seven years, and seven more after that, and so on. I always look forward your point of view as you're one of the rare ones who speaks with honesty.


Many congratulations on 7 years of blogging, that is a long time. Here's to the next 7.

Di Overton

Happy Blog Birthday Tara. Keep up the good work. I totally agree about sponsored posts. I am asked on a daily basis to do this but won't risk the integrity of my blog. xx

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