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13 February 2013



I love the excuse to make Valentine's, and sometimes I make them even when it's not Feb 14! The other benefit is that it's my little Scout dog's birthday. But the important thing is that I do so hope that David is feeling good and getting better.


Hoping all goes well for you and David, and that there are brighter days ahead.

Vanessa {a fanciful twist}

Thinking about you and David oh so much... xoxoxo


All you need is love. Well, maybe not ALL, but pretty darned close. What makes me smile is that I know that while David is experiencing that post surgical yuck that is part of the territory, that he has without question a partner in love, health and healing who will be there, who will take care and support and listen and just love. I've got one of those (I knew that, but I really just found out how to the mat he's there) and it gives me great peace of mind knowing David does, too. Sending love and light.


Thanks for the best Valentine's post I've read!
How exquisite that little girl outside the temple is.
I wish your husband a speedy recovery, good health and happiness to both of you.


I wish a speedy recovery for your husband.

Every day is a good day for love. Rumi.

The best things in life are not things.

Love and hugs and Happy Valentine's Day
Much love and many blessings

Love Jeanne

Di Overton

Big hugs to both you and David. Let me know how it goes. xx

Sheris White

Thinking of you and your husband tomorrow. Hope all goes well!


Beautiful, as always, and best of luck to David. I'll be thinking of you both.


The smiles on the faces here definitely warm the heart. Thanks for your gift. I agree with your Valentine sentiments entirely. There is so much more to hearts and love than romantic love. Blessings on you and David as you walk together in his time of healing.


Have not been keeping up with my blogs as much as usual lately...didn't know your husband had surgery. Hope all will be well soon!

I am in one of those towns in CT, USA, that received three feet of snow. Between Hurricane Sandy, the Newtown murders, and other such happenings in our area, I think holidays have declining importance at the moment.

It truly is about sharing the holiday with friends and loved ones...the commercial part diminishes with age and circumstances. Wishing you a happy V-Day!

Mary H.

What a positive outlook on another commercialized holiday in the states. Tara, please take a little extra "me" time while David is recuperating. It doesn't matter whether you are a patient or family, time in a hospital can be taxing for all. Sending many get well soon wishes across the pond.

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