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08 February 2013


Tara Bradford

Jeanie, I took that photo in Sevilla, Spain. And aren't we all filled with self-doubt, from time to time??!!


Is this image from Amboise? It's stunning. I am one who is continually filled with self doubt. This is a good thing to ponder and keep at the forefront.

Vicki in Michigan

One of the things I have learned on the web is that everyone has self-doubt.

When you read the blogs of artists you admire greatly, and read about their doubt............ You have to believe that self-doubt is universal.

Soldiering on is what we have to do, I think.........

Tara Bradford

Lisa, good idea for visitors that have limited time in France. We always stay at a charming farmhouse near Amboise and spend a couple of days in the area (did you know Mick Jagger has a house nearby)?

Lisa, a.k.a. The Bold Soul

I've been lucky enough to have visited Clos de Lucé twice (so far) in Amboise, and it really IS amazing and well worth the trip. Whenever I have visitors and they have the time to spare, I like to take them there. You can actually do day trips or half-day trips from Paris with mini-van tours; you take the train from Paris to the town of Tours and the mini-van tours leave right from the train station. Amboise & Clos de Lucé are on some of those tours. :)


It is hard to imagine carving something so beautiful out of stone. At first glance I didn't realize it was stone.
How I would love to visit daVinci's home. Great quotes.

Vanessa {a fanciful twist}

I agree, "I shall continue" is wonderful.

Once I was talking to my dad about self doubt, and self meaness really. And he said, "my love, we all have self doubt, and anyone who says they don't is lying..."

It was a good thing to hear at a young age. It sort of opened my eyes, but also, made me feel not so strange and alone in my feelings.

This post reminded me of that.

Thank you beautiful Tara.



I do believe that all artists have this sort of inner struggle and self-doubt during the course of their creative journey. And keeping a head forward to continue, these doubts toughen them up. :)

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