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07 February 2013



I appreciate that having your work pinned on pinterest upsets you, but I have a different outlook on the site. I think that the idea of pinterest stealing work is like saying that a mix-tape steals work from musicians. In a technical sense, you might be correct, but the sentiment is completely different. Pinterest, like a mix-tape is a way for someone to compile the pictures (songs) that they love & share them with other people. The makers of the pinterest boards/mix tapes are not selling these collections, it is more a way to stitch together different inspirations and ideas and either enjoy & be inspired by themselves or share these with other people who might also appreciate them. I see it as a way to spread artistic inspiration & the progress of different ideas throughout the population who would be open to new ideas & might otherwise be left in the dark.
I also create visually, and while I would be upset if someone was taking my art & outright selling it under their name, I think pinterest is a different beast & overall I think it & sites like it are overall good for spreading creativity & ideas. Just my 2 cents.


Thanks for posting this, Tara. I confess, I just don't "get" Pinterest. I have a small board and rarely go there or add to it -- and if I do it's generally from sites that "want" to be pinned. If I've done otherwise and used work from a blog, etc., I always ask. In your case, particularly, as a photographer, the oversaturation issue is really a point I hadn't thought of before. Makes perfect sense. I suspect I'll return to this one again. Well said.


When I first found out about Pinterest I thought it was like keeping a scrapbook - just as I might cut out magazine photos and stick them in a book for say, interior design inspiration, or colour moods for a quilt design, or places I might like to go, I could make a Pinterest board. Then I found out it was a social media website, and it put me off rather. I don't particularly want to share what I like, just put it somewhere for my own reference.
I thought it was quite odd that Pinterest actually copies the photo that you "pin", rather than linking directly back to the original source, which can make it pretty hard to find the original source if something is pinned multiple times. So I haven't bothered with it at all. I can always save thumbnails to a photo on my desktop, just for my personal inspiration.

Vanessa {a fanciful twist}

Beautiful Tara, I had not come to fully see Pinterest as such, until it was brought to my attention this week that there are hundreds of my photos pinned that don't link back to me. Gobs of them really.

So, that is where things get hazy for me. And, makes me sort of sad really.

One thing I have enjoyed is seeing what people pin from my blog and what they like.

But, now I totally see your point too.

Also, there is so much eye candy out there, it's astounding. Makes real world blurry.

Ah, the good and the bad of the internet.


Love, Vanessa

Tara Bradford

Rachael, I'm glad you find inspiration on Pinterest. But I admire a lot of people's work - where it is displayed - but I don't take it home with me, unless I can afford it. If people admire my work, they should ask permission to use it/purchase it. The internet is not a free-for-all, where people can just take what they like and use it for their own purposes. Copyright law applies to photographs and artwork, as well as original content.


Well said Tara.

Carole Mayne

Thank you so much for enlightening me on the aspects of Pinterest I have never considered...Here I am, an artist, hoping someone would pin me, when in fact it's tantamount to giving away my art. I just never thought of it that way..I thought of Pinterest as advertising or self-promotion.. However, every point you made was correct and so insightful. I'd like to know if you would want to share your perspective somehow on my facebook page, with your blog's link or some other way? The professional artists groups I know of may benefit, too. With much appreciation~ Carole

Ally Bean

Sorry that you had to write this post, but glad that you did. To be honest, I am shocked by the first screenshot. Someone did that using all of your work! Like I've said before re: this issue, stealing is stealing regardless of intent. *sigh*


Definitely food for thought on my own use of pinterest.
I know I ask permission if I pin something from someone's blog, which I think I have done about twice. However, if I find it on pinterest I have pinned it to my boards. Sometimes I am curious when I don't find a link to the originator and have not felt comfortable with that. I did check my own pictures to see if my things were being pinned. It is pretty amazing. What I did find mostly were pins from my website for my sewing patterns and felt that was free advertising. Your post does give my pause to think on these things. Thanks!

Vicki in Michigan

So many people seem to think that because they can easily steal someone's online work (words or pics or music) it is ok to do so.

NO. Just because it is easy doesn't mean it's ok!

To Rachael who posted above -- PURCHASING someone's work is a compliment. Stealing it? No.


I am a student, and use pinterest for inspiration for my work. I understand why you don't want your photos pinned, but it is a compliment! people are interested in, and admire your work. Pinterest acts like my mood board for projects, I would hate to think I have offended someone by pinning their work.

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