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24 March 2013



I would have a very hard time continuing to share online when clearly there are so many people who are careless and disrespectful. You certainly are a patient and optimistic woman!


It's been difficult to find that cheer this year, hasn't it? For you, for me, too. And the weather doesn't help a bit. At least our snow is gone. The skies are gray and it's still in the 20s but there is no white today. No guarantees on tomorrow. I imagine your lovely canal 11 months ago, your swan, everything beginning to bloom, and I try to hold onto that picture.

Like you, I'm filling the house with flowers, trying to anticipate retirement and not the next doctor's visit, look forward to Easter, then April, then beyond. It's not easy these days. But it is one step at a time.

Meanwhile I send love to you both, wishes for spring and all it brings, and great joy. It will come and things will be better. If we stop believing that, all is lost.


Oh dear, Tara! I hope visits to the doctor and hospital are coming to an end and everyone is well in your home. May the sun soon come and shine on you. How irritating that your photos are being used and pinned against your wishes. I hope soon that also can be resolved. Sending hugs!

Sheris White

Has it been 7 years? I can't remember exactly when I started reading your blog but it's been quite awhile. Hope everything is going well with the resident chef!

Tara Bradford

Thank you, Christina! I have a "Link with Love" badge on my site, not that anyone pays attention. Sigh. In any event, I won't let the trouble-makers cause me to abandon my seven-year blog presence. Thanks for the encouraging words!

Tara Bradford

Ally, thank you! After seven years, I'm not planning to leave the blogosphere, but perhaps being a bit more protective of my assets is in order, to counter the negative aspects. :)

Tara Bradford

Jim, thank you! I think education is the key; too many people seem to consider that anything on the internet is free for the taking. As for Pinterest, I suspect you're right. To avoid the fate of Napster, some reworking of the business model might be in order. At the moment, Pinterest - by its very nature - discounts fair use. But shifting the legal blame onto the "pinners" doesn't absolve them of responsibility.

Tara Bradford

Merci bien, Jo! Wishing you the same; brighter days ahead, let us hope!


Bon courage Tara.

jim harker

hi tara as an artist who's work is regularly stolen online. i feel your anger, you are a victim of sharing your beautiful photographs and apart from publishing in poor quality and plastering copywrite notices over the images fighting this is very hard...until pinterest can be hit hard in the pocket thats the only language they understand

Ally Bean

This month of March has been very peculiar for everyone I know. Around here it is still snowy and gray. I feel like doing nothing, but I desperately want to be doing something. Ennui meets idealism, I guess.

I'd miss you if you decided to leave the blogosphere, but I understand your reasoning. Keeping a blog is not what it once was-- fewer people with good intentions, more people trying to make a buck any way that they can. *sigh*


Oh Tara! Hang in there! And I know you share this feeling with Kal Bartestki (Canadian artist who started Link with Love). I have my fingers crossed that neither of you give up. There's so much good that comes from social media and blogging too!

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