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01 March 2013


Ally Bean

I'm sorry this is happening to you. I cannot imagine posting something to spite another person. But then I'm one of the people who follow the rules. We seem to be fewer and fewer these days. *sigh*

Mary H.

I believe the problem lies with lack of respect and courtesy
in the world today. A sad state of affairs it is. I do not know how to stop the practice. I do know, however, I shall continue to remind and educate others about the issue. Tara, you are still my go to girl when I want to see photos that make me close my eyes and dream of wonderful places (such as the photo of Paris shown above). I will always give credit to any artist for the creative effort they may share. It is the right thing to do.

Patricia van den Akker

Are u aware of Creative Barcode or ACID? Both of them have easy to use copyright tracking systems for this problem.


Like Jeanie, I have given a lot more thought to pinterest and not pinning as much. I have begun to notice very often it is difficult to see where the photo came from. Your words do give me pause to think about.


Wow! I'm shocked (if not surprised) that someone would deliberately be that way! I mean, c'mon, moat people, when they do something wrong, apologise and move on; no need for her to be a twit about it. Good for you for defending your beautiful work!!!


I'm so glad you have posted this series -- sorry you had to do it because you were driven by the violations. But the info you share is very useful. It has made me far more aware of what I pin or repin. I don't use it much, but now I'm much more conscious if I do. Thanks!


This is a complicated issue. Many sites (like Etsy) have pin buttons... as well as artists and retailers who want their work to reach wider audiences. Tumbler is similar to Pinterest and has been around longer. In reality, anyone can make a screen capture of anything on a computer and re-post anywhere any time.

Attribution SHOULD be with every pin/re-post but it often missing. Yes, one would like to be asked for permission but I have never had anyone ask me and I have been on line since 1997. Do I make $$$ from my work? Yes...I have been selling my work for over 40 years. Have I seen it copied? Yes. This is the risk of putting work on line.

Back in the 90's when I first started using a PC I was offended when my work was re-posted or copied. (I work with fiber/paints/mixed media/dolls). My work is on several platforms--Flickr, Facebook, blog/Picture Trail. I try to use a Creative Commons license wherever I can. Of course, one can watermark, too, if so inclined. I would guess the only way to avoid this issue is not to post anything to begin with but that defeats the whole purpose of sharing! Definitely a quandary! How ANNOYING this woman is to keep on posting knowing how you felt!!

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