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17 April 2013



Hi Tara -- I'm a great fan of your work, and as a professional photographer myself, I am so grateful to you for fighting the good fight. If any of my photos have been "stolen", I am blissfully unaware, but now I know how to fight it if such is ever the case. Your photos never cease to inspire me. Thanks for all you do.

Karen Helouin
Tucson, AZ


Beautifully put, Tara. Peace.


Beautiful photograph!
Beautiful quotes and words. We can only dream, hope, expect, and set our minds toward peace.


Stealing Beauty - I can understand the wanting to pin this photo. I guess they felt that they could have this level of beauty in their lives only by stealing it. It has to be one of my favorite photos of yours.


Living between Boston and NYC...and wishing so much for peace...


Beautiful sentiments and perfect photo to accompany them.
Well done.


I can see why people wanted it, Tara. It's beautiful. And I'm glad you have reclaimed it. We're all touched by this senseless act.


Hi Tara...when I clicked on a Glacier Nat Park Photo just now, I saw it was protected by this:

I'm certain you know about this service or some like it, but still sending it to you FYI.

I surely enjoy your photos. =)

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