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16 April 2013



hear, hear! You are a tireless crusader, Ms. Bradford.


So very sad about Boston....


Oh, Tara, what cheer it gives me to see beautiful Kinderdijk! I have been trying to do a watercolor from one of my photos and alas -- I can't get it right. Yet. This one is worth persisting for! I love the spot of yellow on the building.

What a confusing mess copyright is these days. You are an example to us all.


Sad for those involved in the bombings of the Boston Marathon.
Sad there are those out there that say stupid things.
Sad others don't learn not to infringe on others rights by pinning and using photos that are not theirs for the taking.
Sad for a world that has so many selfish people that are willing to hurt others with violence, words, lies, and stupidity.

Tara Bradford

Oh Barbara, that pollen situation does sound miserable! Excellent point about the dearth of women represented in the arts. And you're right about the majority of "pinners" being women; is it because women are more visual than men? Hard to say, when you consider the number of male artists and photographers. But I don't think women are more thoughtless, so not sure what's going on, other than the "ignorance is bless" philosophy. Love the wise words from Martin Luther King, Jr. Thanks for reminding me that the wounds of the world aren't the world.

Tara Bradford

Natalie, your friend sounds like a remarkable woman. And yes, that sort of courage and determination is what shaped our nation. It's unfortunate that it often takes tragedy to remind us.

I was appalled to read that a plane from Boston was turned back because "two passengers were speaking Arabic." And those passengers were ushered off... What's next - banning French-speaking passengers? Chinese? Spanish?


Spring was miserable here late last week and over the weekend: the pollen count was 8,000+! How dare those trees pollinate. As regards the ongoing copyright infringement, it is especially troubling to see that, apparently, the majority of 'pinners' are women. That is hard to understand when one considers the dearth of women represented in the arts, and I do include photography as an art form. Seriously. Think of all the art in all the museums around the world and wonder why so very, very few are women. Wonder, too, why we think it's okay to steal from one another. With respect to the tragedy in Boston, I lean on these words from Martin Luther King, Jr: "Civilization and violence are antithetical concepts."


My best friend crossed the finish line in Boston 6 minutes before the explosions went off (I was tracking her progress online before all hell broke out.) Last night, back in her hotel, with her husband and kids, she said "I would run Boston again in a heartbeat." That's the kind of courage and determination that will always, always persevere.

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