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05 April 2013


Tara Bradford

Rebekah, thank you for your insightful comment about Pinterest. I have responded via email.

Tara Bradford

Thank you all for the lovely comments! We are lucky to live here and don't take such good fortune for granted.

Rebekah LaGrone

The photographs are mesmerizing, and transport me to that place that you have captured. As always, amazing.

I know that my next comments are not appropriate for this post, but I was unable to make them on an earlier post about this subject. I have just retired - whatever that means - resigned from full-time marketing work. This has given me the past few days to catch up and re-enter areas that give me pleasure, like blogs I love.

Your comments about Pinterest struck a blow to my heart because I realize I have been completely naive and thoughtless about the use of this - what do I call it; is it a social medium.

I came to the Pinterest party only very recently. My daughter had told me about this great place you could record things that were of inspiration and interest. I began slowly, then sort of stumbled right downhill into its fascination. I felt I was creating my own personal magazine - one place to revisit beauty or ideas that pricked my sleeping creativity.

I've been naive. And now, seeing how your work has been stolen and pirated and how that has hurt you in ways you have so clearly expressed,I realize how thoughtless my actions have been. I have repinned many things that spoke to me, but I have not checked with the original sources to ensure that those photographs were authorized, or to seek permission myself to re-pin. I saw several wonderful photographs on a Pinterest site yesterday that were from a blog where it clearly states that the photographs have been taken by the blogger and may be used with permission. Given the sheer number this person had pinned, I highly doubt that permission was requested or received. Had I blithly - though joyfully - repinned them on my own board to look at as I wished, I would have been perpetuating the problem.

I immediately took down my favorite Pinterest boards yesterday, because I think they contained the greatest infringement possibilities. I will be going through the others, and I will be creating private boards that no one can see - private for my own enjoyment and inspiration. I will be so very cautious about what I pin.

So, another moral miasma??? The conundrum of social media - playground for the nefarious?? So much potential joy; so much potential evil. It makes me sad and weary.

I know this comment is way, way too long to post. I just wanted to let you know of my awakening, and my sadness for the ways you have suffered as an artist.

My best to you - as always.

Vicki in Michigan

Nice shots, as always. :-)

Mary H.

Exquisite beings these swans. I would expect nothing less in the canal that is near your lovely home. (I must admit, Tara, the first thing I thought when I saw these photos was I wish you and David would adopt me!).


I think you probably know how much my heart is singing as I look at these beautiful photos of your swan. Such a sigh, accompanied by a sweet nostalgic smile on my face! Lovely.


The swan is so beautiful. The reflections on the water sublime. I recently photographed ducks on water with the reflections and Jim said it reminded him of Monet. What I see here has the same soft beauty of a Monet.

Sheris White

Absolutely beautiful!


Oh, Tara, such perfection! They are such elegant birds, and you've captured them beautifully. What a slice of heaven, where you live.


Love the reflections and the close-up of the foot! How lovely to live next to water ...

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