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26 May 2013



What a huge problem. I stopped using pinterest after your last rant, explaining to Julian that until we realize we must post our OWN content then there is no point using it. Even posting to Pinterest we must use precautions to protect our work from being hijacked. We take a lot of product photos so they get pinched like crazy.

Hopefully there is a resolution in the future that will help people protect their intellectual and photographic property.

Did you love Chawton? Isn't it a gorgeous town. We hope to visit them this year.

Glad you enjoyed your trip, your photos are beautiful as usual!


It is non-stop! The behaviour of others and down right theft is nothing short of shameful. Walking into a shop and leaving without paying results in the police being called. The same should apply to people taking images without asking.


Oh, Tara -- this is MUCH worse. I can see it happening with people not thinking about it -- but then you take it down gracefully and apologize profusely, The Spanish guy sounds really over the top. I thoroughly applaud your effots, but good heavens, this is really out of control It must be both exhausting and disturbing for you. Holy cow....


Oh dear, it sounds like it has gotten worse instead of better. How very, very frustrating. Take care and I hope it gets better. I am off to read your links.


I can imagine how exhausting this is for you. I don't know if American primary schools still offer a civics course, as they did when I was a child, but if they do then copyright protection should be added to the curriculum. We would need to start teaching people at an early age. This seems to be lost on adults.


This problem seem insurmountable. It's discouraging to say the least. But the fact is, anything on the internet can be screen captured and saved without ever taking the URL/downloading. (I assume that is how you were able to acquire the photos above)

I only use my own photos on my blog but there is no ways to keep them from being used by others. Ditto with Flickr which has just gone a drastic change in how it does business that is a disgusting story unto itself. The people who have used your photos are beyond rude! REALLY REALLY disheartening in every way!

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