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25 August 2013


Tara Bradford

Quite a few voices that need to be heard, right, Jo? (Have been thinking of you in Egypt and hope it's calmer where you live).

Tara Bradford

Tessa, very good point about "follow the money." I sometimes think we've been brainwashed by advertising and fashion magazines. I rarely look at those anymore, as their portrayals are unrealistic (and often heavily air-brushed and Photoshopped). But the one good thing I've seen evolve over the years in fashion mags and ads is that there's no longer a "cookie cutter" fashion portrayal - either via model or clothing. Individuality is celebrated and it would be a wonderful thing if we could carry that over into our own opinions of our bodies and looks.

Tara Bradford

Marilyn, isn't that woman beautiful? She exuded a quiet confidence and seemed capable of doing anything she decided to do! As for the never-ending struggle with weight, what doctor said "Genetics loads the gun; lifestyle pulls the trigger?" I'm working on improving the lifestyle bit. :)

Tara Bradford

Susan, you're right - we'd all be better off if we could rise above the unrealistic goals and be our best selves - rather than what society dictates we should be.

Tara Bradford

Carole, thank for your kind words. If only we all could become so enlightened! :)

Tara Bradford

Jeanie, every woman I know seems to be faced with a weight challenge, whether it's too much or too little. It doesn't seem to be such a fraught, emotional issue with men. Like it or not, women are held to different standards, when it comes to looks and size. I wish we all could become more comfortable with ourselves and stop equating beauty to size, but to the "content of our character," to paraphrase Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Tara Bradford

Hi Linda - I remember you and I still have that beautiful photograph! Thanks so much for chiming in here.

linda cooper

Hi Tara, Bravo --- what makes it more complicated is the "shrink" effect. I lost 3 inches when I was in my mid 60's ( I thought this happened much later in life) it is great if you have pants that are too short but everything else is too long.

AND one shrinks, but one doesn't lose weight (speaking of dress size) nor does one's waist size get smaller. So most of your clothes don't fit.

There was a scene In "eat," where julia roberts says to a friend who is eating lettuce - something like -- why are you/me eating like this..... lets have a pizza...., etc

Tara, I am the woman who happily sent you the tulip picture from Chicago, long ago--

Linda Cooper


If I've read one article today the basis of which is Comparison between Obama and someone else, between Zimmerman and Martin, between the Red Sox and the Orioles, between traditionalists and haters, between white and off-white, I've read a hundred. If we can ignore the intrinsic worth and REALITY of something's existence, and instead COMPARE it with something that is NOT that thing, we will. At all costs. We divide in hopes to conquer. We label in hopes to understand, yet with no understanding. Allowing something to simply BE what it is, is not in human nature. I certainly wish it were.


I say "right on." But then, you've seen me and you know that there is probably no store in Europe except possibly the Brit equivalent of WalMart that would have clothes to fit me. I didn't even look in Paris -- I ended up with a pretty scarf and was happy with that, but still...

I know I need to lose some pounds. A lot of pounds -- my challenges are partially genetic, partially medical and partially malaise. And I am trying to eat in a more health conscious way. But even if I lose the 50 I'd like to (and that will be a multi-year battle, even if I'm very good), that will still take me to a spot that shopping abroad would be rather difficult.

Your words are well chosen and eloquently stated. I truly believe in health -- and sometimes that equates to weight. And sometimes it doesn't. Don't tell me the size 0 is healthy. I'll argue that one to the mat! Bravo!


I say AMEN!
I am a size 14 and even my doctor told me I was "obese". It has totally bothered me since I heard those words. I think she will tell me that again for my annual check up this year too. Oh well! Thanks for putting it so eloquently into words. The woman in the photo is beautiful.

Carole Mayne

Bravo for speaking up..size does not matter, nor does age, $, or who you know! It is our shining everlasting soul that can never die, we must love and be connected with. Our connection to our Creator in the form of unconditional love and compassion for
all beings,

Susan Phelps

You said so well!!! If only women/girls would band together & rise up against the society & fashion world that would treat the emaciated figure as normal! If we would stop trying to strive toward the unrealistic goals that they set for us. If we would only just be exactly who we are!


What say I?

That far too few people, dare to openly question, all the present "standards."

'Tis always "Follow the money." If *zillions* of women were openly questioning, then the market for thinness, would dry up. Not only would few women starve/exercise themselves, to ridiculous sizes... Few woman would buy the magazines, which preach it. Few would pay to attend the films, which feature only-one-size-as-perfect. Etc. Etc. Etc.

See? "Follow the money." Many of us may decry these silly standards. But (too) many of us, are still paying money, to drool over the bolstering of them.

If we claim our own size/body..... Then we must follow through. Do not pay our money, to promote unreasonable size standards, in any, any, any way.




You are preaching to the choir here. Amen Sister Tara.

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