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14 October 2013


Michelle French

Hugs. Prayers. And I'm thankful for you that you aren't in the States with this absolute stupid chaos in healthcare. I miss the NHS.

ALSO love the photos!

Vicki in Michigan

Thinking about you.

Kay Cooke

Tara, I trust that your husband David will recover soon and life will return to its usual serenity. Beautiful autumn photos.


Wishing all good things for David and you very soon.
Take care and the roller coaster will (I pray) soon level out.

Linda Sullivan

Gorgeous. Best wishes for a speedy recovery,

Deborah Smith

Good wishes, prayers, and positive vibes to you and David. As ever, your photos are beautiful!


Vicki in Michigan

Sending good thoughts for a smooth and easy procedure, and a quick recovery! And no more issues for a good long time!

(Seconding Mary's recommendation for thoughtful breathing....)

Is that sumac, in your pics? I think of it as quintessentially North American........ Time for me to revise yet another of my misconceptions?


Sending love, prayers and positive thoughts to you both over the next through days and his recovery. You two are troupers, to say the least. I'm glad you can find some solace and peace of mind in your beautiful and serene garden.

Sending love. Jeanie and Rick

Megan Butel

Hi Tara
Saw your mention of your husband's hospitalisation on Twitter. Praying for skillful surgeons and quick healing and a strong sense of peace and calm for you. Bless!


Thinking of you, Tara, and sending positive thoughts and energy for your husband. I hope he is soon fully recovered.

Mary H.

Dearest Tara,
I am sending extra prayers and patience your way as you yet again navigate the ups and downs of a loved one in hospital. I have been there and it is draining. A gentle but insistent reminder to take a moment to close your eyes and exhale. Then take a deep breath and move forward. "Cyber hugs" coming your way from the Pacific Northwest as well as best wishes for a speedy resolve to David's hospital stay!

Sheris White

Positive thoughts to you and your husband. I'm so sorry he has to have another operation. We've had a difficult time here too. I was in the hospital emergency room on September 9th the day after my birthday. I've been home since the 15th but it hasn't been easy. Thankful for my husband and children.

Lisa, a.k.a. The Bold Soul

My thoughts are with you and David as he goes through this next procedure. All will be well.


Wishing David good health and successful surgery.

Will be thinking of you and sending positive thoughts and vibrations your way.

Your colorful autumn photos really have raised my spirits this morning. Autumn is my favorite season and your photography reminds me why.

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