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17 December 2013



The only thing I can add to this is simply "A plague upon their business, their homes and their blogs" their business because of ill gotten gains, their home because the children will grow up accepting dishonesty as a M.O, and their blogs because they show pride in stealing and taking credit for other's art and work while ignoring one of the basic golden rules of doing onto others as we wish others would do onto us.

It is both infuriating and sad in equal measures. Infuriating because only someone with no self respect would do something like what I see in this post, and sad because there is a callousness about the whole thing that speaks for the lack of consideration at a minimum that we should show for one another.

You go girl, and nothing but great success catching the thieves.

Mary H.

Tara, I have no words of wisdom to ease the anger you must rightfully feel when your work is stolen. I do know I muttered some bad words, all caps, when I saw your work is still being taken and used without permission. Tell the buggers to keep their grubby little paws off of your work!


Oh my goodness!
I am so sad for you and other photographers.
I do believe that pinterest has not helped the
situation because people think they can take
pictures from everywhere and they are public
domain. I am not a professional photographer,
but I have the feeling even some of mine have
been taken.

Maureen Shaughnessy

I am sorry your images seem to be the target of so many thieves, and I know this happens to many, many photographers. I have googled my own images and found similar instances, but to me it is just so overwhelming to try to stop them. I understand what you say, Tara, about how it's just going to keep happening unless the people and businesses that are using these images without permission, are challenged. I just don't have the kind of energy you do to pursue the infringers. It just makes me feel sick! It is most definitely a crime. Bleh!!!

Tara Bradford

Thanks for the support, Jeanie and Helen! It IS criminal and it IS theft. But unless copyright-infringers and photo-stealers are challenged for their bad behaviour, the problem will worsen.

Tara Bradford

Carina, that is infuriating! It seems protecting our work from infringement is never-ending! I had to issue a DMCA takedown order after another Paris-based site refused to remove my photo of Shakespeare & Co. The same photo was used without permission or credit by three other Paris sites, who removed the image upon reqest. Where do people get the false impression that anything they see online is free??!! And of course, this erroneous idea is reinforced by sites such as Pinterest, urging people to "pin" anything they like. This free-for-all entitlement attitude has to change, as it is undermining creativity and original output.


Tara, It makes me want to shake people. Just tonight I politely emailed someone who has been sharing my images via social media to grow an audience for her own business, without permission, credit links....nothing! I got a very snarky reply 'I don't claim photos to be mine, nor do I promote photographers on my page'...and then there was an extra 'oh, by the way, I don't even go to your website, I get them from Pinterest." The entire page, growing rapidly and supported by many Paris related businesses, is nothing but stolen images. Every single one. I'm livid.

I think you are being extremely tolerant, and kind, to not invoice the bloggers. Everyone needs to learn it is wrong, all the way down the food chain.


Tara, I so feel for you -- you can't get a break on this. And it seems even more rampant than before, or maybe you are just finding more. I wouldn't know how to search. I'm glad you are taking them to task -- it's your livelihood and it's criminal.

Helen is endless! I don't know where the concept came from that everything is up for grabs and free to use. Copyright is not respected. It is just plain theft.

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