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29 January 2014



Your strength and determination humbles me. Your husband and father are so fortunate to have you in their corners and that you could put pen to paper and write this most beautiful story is incredible.
The world is so in need of people like you. Prayers and thoughts to your husband and father and thanks for reminding us of life's true importance.nani


Oh boy Tara what a blow hearing this news of David's health! I can understand all the emotional upset you both are going through having had 2 battles with cancer myself . Tara you were one of my secret angels praying for my wellness and now it 's my turn to do the same for you and David.
I will hold you both in my prayers. I send healing energy to David and comfort and strength to you both.
Hugging u close. I am sorry to hear this news.
Love and light Anna xo


Sorry to hear that David's having so many health problems, all at once like that must be particularly devastating.

It's good to find out though who your real friends are and how good your neighbours are.

Do you recommend the film Her?


Tara, I'm thinking of you during this terribly challenging, frightening time in your life and hoping you and yours come through it whole and healthy. I appreciate your reminders about the truly important things in our lives. We need to hear this often because it is so easy to lose sight of this as we scramble through our crazy days. Thank you--for taking time from your cares and worries to share this with us. Know that all over the globe people, some who've never met you, are hoping and praying for David, for your father, and for you. I hope to hear good, good news from you soon!


My love and prayers are with you all................Tara always know how very much I care. I am very sorry to hear of the health issues and worries. It seems 2013 was a most difficult year for many of us.

Blessings and much love

Trish Denholm

Grace and Strength to you both through this time.
I follow your blog regularly, but have not commented for a looonnnng time.(I had communicated with you once about a French book for my daughter). You are inspirational in your words.
..sending well wishes from Alberta..


I'm sending your entire family lots of love and get-well thoughts. <3


β€œIn the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”
― Albert Camus


Just checked in after writing you, so please don't answer if you are too busy.

I am sending so much light and love.

It's weird how people act when they find out you are sick or need surgery. It's a bizarre disheartening thing indeed.

The closest people can even be cruel and hurtful right after surgery. Some people, my goodness.

I am sending buckets of love and healing prayers.

Love, Vanessa

Sheris White

So sorry both your husband and father are ill. Be positive and take care of yourself.

Sebastian Veldhuizen

Always keeping track of your posts and enjoying your photographs.
Was born in the Netherlands(Dordrecht) but have been living in Canada for 57 years.
I hope and pray that health may soon return to your family.
Greetings and best wishes, Sebastian

Di Overton

Beautiful words for such an ugly illness. We will win out my friend we are both strong women. xx

Margaret Dukeman

Tara, I found your post to be both moving and poignant! I just read an article in The New York Post titled "The Art of Presence", You may find it a wonderful read as it talks about the prescience of people during the times of need. My heart goes out to you and your family as you go through these mountains in life. May you feel the arms of many warm hugs and many blessings over the next few months.


Oh, Tara, no one could have said it better -- more eloquently, more personally, more powerfully than what you have written here. Grabbing the moment -- why do we have to have such scary reminders to slap that important lesson home? I would like to think I learned that one this past year (which is why I retired, to savor moments and life). Auntie Mame had it right!

You know how Rick and I feel about David (and you). So what I will say here is what I've said before -- hang tight, hold hope in your heart, seize the day. And know that our prayers are helping to lift both yours and David's spirits and hearts.


So sorry. My heart goes out to you. Sending healing thoughts to your husband and father. Everything you say in your post rings true. Even though we have not met in person, I value our internet friendship through this blog. It so difficult to see those we love become ill. (The deeper we love, the deeper the pain seems to be...)

You will be in my daily meditation. Your last paragraph says it all. Well said. xx

Vicki in Michigan

And hoping your dad is feeling better!

Vicki in Michigan

Sending good thoughts to you all and to your husband's doctors, that they find a treatment that will work for him.

Lisa, a.k.a. The Bold Soul

Oh, my. I'm sure this is a very scary time for both of you. I like your focus, though, on optimism and on the important things and people in your lives. Thinking of you and sending David healing thoughts. And take care of YOU, so you can take care of him. ;) Hugs from Par-ee!


Tara, darling, thinking of the two of you every day and sending blessings and strength and healing and peace with every molecule of my soul.

Marilyn Miller

Oh my, Tara! It is indeed life altering when poor health is close by. All the other things fall away. Please give a hug to David for me. I will be praying for you both. Jim will too.

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