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04 February 2014


Marc Koning

Today on Fox News: "(French) men smell and the (French) women don't shave"(Bernard McGruik on the Bill O'Rilley show). Comments like these don't generally bother me but from a nationally syndicated show, I find it shockingly disturbing, especially after 30-something years living in the US.

Nice blog, and all the best.

Lisa, a.k.a. The Bold Soul

P.S. I did have to laugh at seeing "cheese-eating surrender monkeys" translated into French, though it rather lacked the punch of the original version. I don't know who was the first to coin this bizarre phrase (since when do monkeys eat cheese?) but you have to admit, we Americans have a very creative way of expressing ourselves. English is such FUN sometimes!

Lisa, a.k.a. The Bold Soul

Well done, Tara! Now if only some of the AMERICAN press would interview those of us who have more positive (and more accurate) things to say about France. The other interviewee said it: the French bashing is what "sells" papers and magazines in the U.S. The negative stereotypes are so firmly ingrained in American minds that I think people now don't WANT to see the French in a more positive light.

I was stunned by Claire's take on the shopping and her thoughtless remarks, including those on the Tickets Restau where she actually perceived that wonderful benefit as something the French government is FORCING on workers whether they want it or not? Absurd! Especially when you can use them to buy groceries if you don't want to take yourself to lunch in a restaurant during the day. My French husband says that everyone sees them as a perk -- such as when your employer pays half your monthly transportation pass -- not something they're forced to do. I didn't get the feeling Claire dislikes France and some of her other articles in the series were much better, but this one was just so far off the mark. Glad you got a chance to rebut.

Also happy to hear your dad is home and doing well. That must be a huge relief. Still keeping David in my thoughts and trusting that his health will improve steadily.


I too want to pass on good wishes and caring thoughts for your husband's recovery and strength, Tara. Thinking of you over there on the other side of the world.


Another surgery? Oh, Tara -- it must be hard to have your heart divided between two continents, but I'm glad your dad is home. I continue sending oodles of prayers for David. You're right -- Google gives you the gist -- but to the degree it was interpreted, well stated!


Good to hear your father is back home.
Prayers still in place for David.
I did get the idea of the conversation on
the blog post and article. Good job!
My thinking is that the person writing that
blog didn't allow them self to actually
experience a different way of living and
expected living in Paris to be the same as
living in the US. That is the part of travel
that I enjoy so much, it is the differences,
learning from another culture, and being a good


Interesting articles, i agree with you (at least to the extent that I could understand your interview, I read it in French for the practice but may have missed some of it, so apologies if you dealt with my points in your interview:) I wonder if the writer of the original article chooses only to see what she expects to see and if perhaps she's writing for an audience who she thinks agree with her biased world view?

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