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14 March 2014



Absolutely brilliant response to those who have their head in the sand. They are part of the reason bad things happen. Anger shines a bright light on those bad things so that they can be addressed/redressed.
Love, C.


I remember hearing a bit about Tony Benn but I'm not sure where -- more likely than not it was in conjuction with Moore's film "Sicko" on the health care system. I remember thinking (however I saw him) how well spoken he was and (OK, this is silly) he had a great name!

After reading the link I realize how very much his career made an impact on a lot of lives. Indeed, it is a sad passing.

As for your "anger" -- it's just telling it like it is. I admire your passion and eloquence, your fearless ability to 'go for it.' Poor Fiona. If we only hear happy, the day the dark comes will be all the harder.


Now I am sad to say I didn't know Tony Benn.
Yes, we can make a difference even if it is talking
to one person and our vote. Keep up the good work, Tara!

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