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10 April 2014



I agree with all the others, don't worry about anything but you and David. You are loved no matter what.

Love the glass ornaments hanging in the hospital. Sooo cheerful!

Thinking and wishing and hoping for you all the time.

Love, Vanessa

Brenda Walton

Tara dear, Greetings from California! Doug and I are thinking of you and David and sending lots of love and good thoughts.

Jacky Petrie

My dear Tara, Please spend your time with David and being kind to yourself. We check in to enjoy your writing and your photographs, and to see how you both are doing, and to leave a message of encouragement. I look forward to seeing your garden - the before, the during and after pictures, and when it is done, as much as a garden is ever done, you will have such a wonderful space to refresh your spirit.
The snow is leaving, slowly, and the first signs of my garden are emerging. Snowdrops and crocus are showing their colours, and the goldfinches have returned to flitter and sing in the birch tree. I think we are finally leaving the black and white world of winter.
Take care.


It definitely doesn't look like a hospital. I hope David's health is improving each day. Good thoughts sent his way.
Cute video and it did help. I always wondered why the Netherlands was called Holland.
I am sure your garden will be lovely when it is finished.
A peaceful place for you and David sounds just perfect.

Vicki in Michigan

You are spending your energy where you need to. Don't worry about us -- we'll keep coming by, and when you are ready to spend more energy here, you will.

Continuing to send good thoughts, even when I don't speak up.

Love the glass balls, and the bicycle, too.


Blessings and much love always.
Love hugs and smiles across the miles.

I love your postings and your photographs are beautiful indeed.
Love Jeanne

Sheris White

The only cheerful hospital that I've been in, is a maternity ward.


So wonderful. I love the taking of the everyday and making it extraordinary though art. Fabulous.


I think so very fondly of Edam and it's amazing cheese and the lovely time we enjoyed there with you. It's fun to see these pix. And thanks for the video link.

That hospital is dazzling. How wonderful to be able to walk into a spot with beauty instead of the cold look so many places have. It's filled with light, isn't it?

Never worry about replying or posting. Just know that we're thinking of you both and hope things are going well. Life gets busy and you've had your share of late. I can't imagine how lovely the garden will be in the near future! Spring is finally getting its groove here, too. Slow but sure!

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