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30 April 2014


Carole Mayne

Congratulations on the honor of having been accepted for inclusion in the Saatchi book, your anniversary and your unflinching voice of integrity. Your sensitivity in the arts and human nature make your blog so enjoyable. You keep it pure and straight from your heart and if you touched a few people in a profound way, I'd count that as a really positive outcome. The masses may be content with splashing in the shallow end of the pool, but there are always many who love the wealth of joy found in the depths of wisdom and conscience.
Big thanks and virtual hugs,


Just received the same email from Specialist Authors. Glad I was able to find your post and get the low down!


YES! Well stated, Tara!
I have received some of those emails and just decline.
There have been blogs that I used to enjoy, but
when their voice changed, they started using
photos found on Pinterest, and advertising permeated
their posts, it was time for me to move on. There have
been a handful of times where I have written a post
advertising for a friend, but generally decline requests
unless it is a product I believe in and belongs with a
friend. Sad to see this happening.

Mary H.

When I read Paris Parfait, I read words and pictures shared by Tara Bradford. Any deviation from that and I am out of here. Simple. I am not a fan of people trying to latch onto someone's work to further their own, dare I say, career. Tara, you write true and from your heart and that is why you are a favorite of mine!


Amen to that! I get at least one of these a week; sometimes more. And I thought, "Why would I possibly want to do that?" I'm fine with a guest post from a blogger I've followed for a long time -- with me doing the asking. From a commercial venture? No thanks. No matter what money I would receive (and I doubt I'd get more money than spam from it), it just isn't worth it.

I think the only thing a blogging class could possibly teach is offer a short cut to the various platforms, their idiosyncracies, and a how-to for someone not used to content management systems. They can't teach you how to find your voice, how to be your genuine self, how to write or photograph or do both or neither. And as you said, that's what brings success. If you blog, I truly believe you have to be sincere and genuine. I'll cut slack for other things if the content is solid and from the heart. Of course, everyone follows who/what they most enjoy. But being real is what matters most. I suspect that is why ever person-to-person bloggie encounter I've had has been with the authentic person. No ugly surprises. But then, we knew each other all along. This is a good warning to all.

Vicki in Michigan

I guess I'm not "successful" -- no one has ever offered to write a post for me.......

Paul C

Just had my first of these emails Tara and a Google Search brought me here, I have create a similar 'junk folder' to send any future ones too :)


Those "fishing" sorts of comments/emails and sponsored blogs always get an eye roll from me. I don't mind ads I can ignore but I think you have it right: write from the heart. And we, your audience, will thank you. And do.

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