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10 September 2014



Belated birthday greetings, Tara! I hope you had a wonderful day with lovely people surrounding you! I so enjoy your view of the world--must be that "seasoned" experience! All the very best in your new year!


Birthday blessings to you sweet friend.
May you enjoy many years of health, peace, love and joy.
Love Jeanne X0X0


Happy Birthday!

(Wanted to comment on the flower crown post from this spring - they are amazing!)


A belated happy birthday Tara The dessert looks delicious and great advice to eat dessert first. That's what I am doing more and more as well.I hope this year will be great for you


many happy smooches on your anniversary of birth!!! hope it's as glorious as you are dear one!

Mary H.

Sending many good birthday wishes your way, Tara. I hope your birthday and all that follow are full of peace and all that makes your heart smile.

Sheris White

Happy Birthday Tara! Today is our youngest daughter's birthday and mine was Monday.

Michelle French

I hope your birthday is as beautiful as your photos.


Happy Birthday, Tara!. Enjoy, enjoy.
Cheers, Trish from Alberta.

MA Sloan

Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you have had a great celebration!!! I'm off to my class reunion next week. Girl...... We are gettin old!!!
Happy Happy Birthday. Hope you and David are both well!!!!! MA


Sending many beautiful happy birthday wishes to you, tons of love and glorious wishes to savor and celebrate. Indeed -- dessert first is always a good idea!

Paula Bowen

To wish you a happy birthday from one who enjoys your photos and outlook on life. Thanks much for sharing. I find it inspiring to read your posts when I need a break from "my world". Mahalo


Yes, I had someone not to long ago say the same thing to me about eating dessert first. I so agree. Happy Birthday to you, dear Tara. Savor each and every day and celebrate long.


Happy Happy Happppppy Birthday!!! Beloved friend, always sending you so much love and kisses!! xoxoxo

Pam Sutton

Happy birthday, dear friend.

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