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28 November 2014



I love our Canadian Thanksgiving in October just sharing a wonderful meal together with love ones and counting our blessings.

Love Jeanne


I say it's madness. I've just returned from the U.S. where we were subjected to "Grey Thursday". It seems Black Friday now begins on Thanksgiving Day. And my British relatives are gobsmacked that it has hit the U.K. It needs to stop!


So well said -- I think many would agree with you -- I know I do. I do like the "Shop Local" movement that has sprung up here -- it's on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and the idea is to support the small businesses. Me? Apart from here to Rick's and back, I haven't ventured out except to get greens to fill Christmas urns. I don't need that mess!

Vicki in Michigan

I find myself baffled by what seems to me the ever-increasing push to sell, Sell, SELL (and to buy, Buy, BUY).......

I can't help but think we'd all be better off if we had fewer, less-mass-produced things..........

I wrote checks to charities, yesterday, but did no shopping.


I have never been a Black Friday shopper, but I must admit mid morning today I did go to my market where they had socks for 50% off. Since I very much needed some new socks I stopped by and it was very calm. At the cash register the checker guy said they expected it to more. I was glad it wasn't and I got my socks and left. I did tell the checker that I was disappointed the store was open for half a day on Thanksgiving.

Sebastian Veldhuizen

So well said. I fully agree. We do not need more "stuff". Coffins don't come with trailer hitches.

Mary H.

I say you are preaching to the choir as far as I am concerned! Peace on earth and goodwill to man certainly is a passing thought to most shoppers this time of year. I understand donations are up during the holiday season but food banks, children's welfare societies and animal rescues need and appreciate donations the entire year-not only the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas!


I so agree with you. I dislike the term as well. Having worked in retail when I was young in Manhattan and CT, I can honestly say that times have changed and not for the better. The fun of shopping for someone has been replaced with aggressive marketing and chaos.

On the other hand, not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving, and some people do like to work and make the extra money. I would not take that choice away from them. However, I would make that a choice and not mandatory to keep one's job.

The older I get, the harder it is to understand what motivates people to put commercialism over tradition.

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